Tallest Filipino meets world's smallest man


Posted at Feb 23 2012 10:58 AM | Updated as of Feb 23 2012 08:38 PM

MANILA, Philippines - (UPDATED) The world's smallest man, Junrey Balawing of Zamboanga del Norte, finally met Raul Dillo, who is said to be the tallest man in the country.

Balawing and Dillo appeared as guests on ABS-CBN's morning show "Umagang Kay Ganda" on Thursday.

"Sa transportation ang hirap. Kung bus, okay pa pero tulad ng tricycle, mahirap," Dillo said when asked about the disadvantages of being seven feet and three inches tall.

The former player of the San Juan Knights has also portrayed the role of giant in movies and television shows. "Sa ngayon po may shows, pero occassional po 'yon, sa teatro po," he explained.

Balawing, 18, was named the world's smallest man by the Guinness World Records last year. His official record is one foot and 11 2/3 inches.

He was accompanied by his parents, Reynaldo and Concepcion, on the set of UKG.

The three are excited to go to Italy for Balawing's photo shoot with tallest man Sultan Kosen of Turkey, who is eight feet and three inches tall.

They will leave the country this April.

"Libre kaming tatlo, sa April na po. Masaya po kami," Concepcion said during the program, adding that they are overwhelmed by the attention their son is receiving.

Aside from being the world's smallest man, Balawing is also dubbed as the shortest living man in history.