Try this: Trick-or-treating from the back of a car

Basilio H. Sepe

Posted at Nov 02 2018 12:26 AM

A community in the United States found a unique way to get the kids together to trick-or-treat on Halloween without walking for miles.

Instead of going house to house, families and their children walk through a parking lot with more than 70 decorated cars to collect candies in the event dubbed “Trunk or Treat.”

Families set up their Halloween decorations from the back of their cars and trucks at the parking lot of the Curtis Lake Church in Sanford, Maine.

“In our community, Halloween is a big night for a lot of families. They go out and trick or treat and get their candy. However, sometimes it’s dark and people have to travel a lot so about 10 years ago, we said what if we brought all of our Halloween decorations into our parking lot. Our event allows families from all over our community to come and join,” said Ryan Howell, lead pastor of Curtis Lake Church.

This year’s “Trunk or Treat” theme is “Blast from the Past,” where participants were encouraged to create kid-friendly and exciting trunks with different themes through the decades.

“Our church members donate the candies. It’s like raising money, people bring in candy for about a month and a half before the event and we raise about 150,000 pieces of candy,” added Ryan.

Curtis Lake’s Trunk or Treat, which celebrated its 11th year, is free and open to the public.

Families prepare the trunk of their cars for the Trunk-or-Treat at Curtis Lake Church, in Sanford, Maine.

The activity is a project of the church to get families together on Halloween.

Instead of going from house to house, children instead conveniently trick-or-treat car to car.

A family decorates the back of their car with traditional Halloween decorations.

This year's theme is “Blast from the Past.”

Residents make effort to decorate their vehicles.

Children wear Halloween costumes in preparation for trick-or-treat.

The trunk of a car is decorated like a living room with a fireplace.

More families join the activity and decorate their cars.

A family prepares to go on trick-or-treat.

A child arrives in her costume.

Children start arriving for the Trunk-or-Treat.

A man prepares the treats.

Several bags of chocolates and candies are bought for this activity.

The candies and chocolates in buckets are ready for the Trunk-or-Treat.

Families and their children walk in the parking lot to start trick-or-treating.

Children go from car to car to collect their treats.

A man dressed as Elvis Presley welcomes children to their car.

A man in a Halloween costume walks with his child.

Children come together to compare their loot.

A child walks away with his loot bag.

Families with their children use the activity to bond together on Halloween night.