YouTube couple Viy Cortez, Cong TV are finally having a baby


Posted at Dec 03 2021 12:14 PM

Viy Cortez and Cong TV are expecting a child. Screengrab from YouTube
Viy Cortez and Cong TV are expecting a child. Screengrab from YouTube

MANILA -- Viy Cortez became emotional upon finding out that she is finally having a baby with her partner and fellow content creator, Cong TV.

In her latest vlog, Cortez showed the moment she saw the results of her pregnancy tests, admitting that she initially had doubts following her miscarriage.

"Naiiyak ako kasi natatakot ako," she admitted. "Kasi 'di ba, kakaopera ko lang at negative ako noon... Baka false positive din ngayon. So naiiyak ako kasi baka umasa lang ako tapos hindi naman pala."

"Halo-halo 'yung emosyon ko. Naiiyak ako sa saya [pero] nalulungkot ako kasi paano kung mawala naman, or kung paano kung hindi pala talaga?" she added.

Despite her concerns, Cortez opted to show her pregnancy test results to Cong TV, who was also visibly overwhelmed by the news. 

"Totoo ba?" he initially asked, wondering if it was a prank.

After realizing that it is real, Cong TV turned overprotective of his pregnant partner and said: "Matulog ka doon, bawal kang gumalaw!"

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Cortez's initial fears turned into pure excitement after her ultrasound, which showed that the baby in her womb already has a heartbeat. 

Their child is six weeks old as of the couple's visit to the doctor.

Cortez and Cong TV are considered among the most popular content creators in the Philippines, boasting of 5.19 million and 9.09 million subscribers on YouTube, respectively.

The former's pregnancy announcement is the number one trending video on YouTube as of writing, garnering over 2 million views in less than 24 hours.