Pinoy-made 'Pinyapel' wins environment and sustainability award in New York


Posted at Oct 30 2019 08:45 PM

MANILA -- Filipino-made specialty paper coined as "Pinyapel" is definitely one for the books as it receives recognition in New York City.

On October 24, DTI-DCP announced on its Facebook page that the Pinoy innovation was officially named as a Wood Pencil Awardee in the D&AD Future Impact Awards, an annual event that recognizes world-changing projects. 


Derived from the words pinya (pineapple) and papel (paper), Pinyapel is the brainchild of the collaborative efforts of the Department of Trade and Industry Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), Cagayan de Oro Handmade Paper, Nature’s Fresh and Ideatechs Packaging Corporation.

Pineapple sheet happens

CDO Handmade Paper Crafts has made it its mission to produce and promote "100 percent natural, treeless paper." With this goal in mind, it was CDO Handmade Paper Crafts founder Lolita "Luchi" Cabanlet's entrepreneurial mindset to always be on the lookout for innovative ideas that led her to find opportunity in utilizing pineapple leaves.

"Luchi believes that when you are in the wearables and homestyle business sector, product development needs to be a way of life," DTI said in its official press release.

Cabanlet's idea came to fruition in collaboration with DCP, an attached agency of DTI which focuses on research and development projects that can help put Philippines on the global innovation map.

CDO's Handmade Paper and DCP tapped Nature's Fresh to source discarded pineapple leaves from the company's pineapple farm. It was a win-win situation for the farm as the production of Pinyapel not only lessens agricultural waste, it also drives additional revenue.

During the presentation of its 2020 proposed budget in the Senate, DTI put a spotlight on Pinyapel and has recognized its role in helping increase the livelihood of farmers.

From there, Ideatechs Packaging Corp. worked to transform the pineapple paper sheets into sustainable packaging products such as paper cups and paper bags. CDO Handmade Paper Crafts has also incorporated Pinyapel in its decor designs.

Revolutionizing packaging

Environmental groups have renewed their call to manufacturers to come up with better packaging designs. According to Zero Waste Europe, plastic production has increased 20-fold since the 1960s and in 2015, packaging is at the forefront of plastic production. Also in 2015, Philippines was named the third top ocean polluter of plastics. 

With the launch of Pinyapel, DTI-DCP said it hopes to "combat the growing problem on non-biodegradable plastic" calling the innovation as the "future of packaging."

DTI-DCP highlights Pinyapel's water-resistant characteristics making it a viable food packaging alternative.

As a Future Impact Awardee, DCP said it will "undergo a mentoring and training program designed to accelerate pinyapel's development to deliver tangible impact in their category area within 12 months."

Pinyapel will officially receive the Wood Pencil Award on November 6 in New York City.

Check out some of the products using Pinyapel below:

Pinoy-made 'Pinyapel' wins environment and sustainability award in New York 1
Pinoy-made 'Pinyapel' wins environment and sustainability award in New York 2
Pinoy-made 'Pinyapel' wins environment and sustainability award in New York 3
Pinoy-made 'Pinyapel' wins environment and sustainability award in New York 4

Pinyapel paper cups. Photo credit DTI Region 10

Pinyapel paper bags. Photo credit D&AD Org

Light fixtures with Pinyapel. Photo credit DTI Region 10

Pinyapel sheets. Photo credit D&AD Org