'Everything's up in the air': Rachel Peters opens up about postponed wedding


Posted at Oct 13 2020 04:22 PM


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MANILA -- Former Miss Universe Philippines titleholder Rachel Peters admitted that she and her fiance, Camarines Sur governor Migz Villafuerte, were "really upset" when they postponed their wedding due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

It was last March when Peters, through Instagram, announced to the public that they are no longer pushing through with tying the knot -- at least for now. 

"We were really upset about it, which is understandable," she said in a recent interview on "Metro Chats" via the FYE Channel on the streaming app Kumu.

And while the situation is far from ideal, Peters said she still feels thankful that she and her loved ones are all safe from the virus.

When asked if there are already new plans for their big day, she replied: "For now it's postponed, we don't know when we will postpone to. My parents are based in Thailand and they're also seniors, so it's difficult for them to come here... I'm definitely not willing to have them risk flying for a small civil wedding or something."

"Everything is up in the air at the moment," she added. "We're happy, we're good, we're safe, that's what matters. And all our friends and family are safe, too."


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Peters revealed that she and Villafuerte were supposed to tie the knot in Indonesia, recalling that everything was already set, from the flights and hotel accommodations down to the smaller details.

But a month before their wedding, quarantine measures were implemented to curb the spread of the virus.

"It was all done, it was all paid for, and I was on my final fitting for my dress. And unfortunately, as soon as they announced the lockdown, we called up the planner and said, 'This is the situation in the Philippines and we think that the best thing to do considering that everything is up in the air is to postpone.' We're making the official decision to postpone and then she (planner) said, 'No, Indonesia's fine, they're not talking about locking down, no COVID cases.' And then eventually, as expected, it (virus) spread and they (Indonesia) closed down," she said.

"So thank goodness we made the decision," she stressed. "It was a month away, but I know some people who had it worse."

Peters rose to fame after representing the Philippines in Miss Universe in 2017, finishing in the Top 10.


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Aside from being a beauty queen, Peters is also a host, her latest being the Metro Channel show "Beached" with Marc Nelson.

It was in November 2019 when Peters announced her engagement to Villafuerte after dating for five years.