VIRAL: Jinkee Pacquiao's new plant makes netizens say 'may nanalo na'


Posted at Sep 29 2020 01:24 PM

MANILA -- It's not just designer items -- even in plants, Jinkee Pacquiao gets the best that money could buy.

This is what many Filipino netizens said as they were left in awe upon seeing the latest photo of Manny Pacquiao's wife on her social media pages.

In the post, Jinkee can be seen posing for the camera, with a large two-tone plant seen in the background.

"When you woke up this morning, God gave you a gift called 'today.' Always remember how precious this gift is because you can never get back the time that has gone by," she said in the caption.


Jinkee's photo has since gone viral on Facebook, with many pointing out how expensive the plant is -- just like most of her possessions -- based on the plant's size, rarity, and color.

Plant enthusiasts -- locally known as "plantitas" and "plantitos" -- were quick to identify it as a variegated alocasia elephant ear.

Many netizens left funny comments as they reposted Jinkee's photo from a Facebook gardening group, saying "may nanalo na" or someone already won the "plantita" race. 

Here are some of them: 

"Hanggang sa halaman ba naman Jinky pinamukha mong poor kami?! Inaano ka ba ng makahiya namin?" 

"Mahal na nga ang halaman, variegated pa! Edi mas mahal na sya haha."

"Uwian na, may nanalo na!"

"Nabili niya ang enchanted forest."

"'Yung damo pa lang diyan sigurado mas mahal pa sa lahat ng bulaklak ko."

This is not the first time that Jinkee showed her love for plants. On Instagram, the socialite has been giving a glimpse of her lush greens and flowers at home.

This photo shows Mrs. Pacquiao's garden of pink blooms.


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This part of her home in General Santos City looks like a luxury tropical sanctuary.


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Jinkee also has many plants indoors. Aside from the now-viral variegated alocasia elephant ear, she also has many other beautiful plants in various sizes.


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