Unique traditional Christmas delicacy in Pampanga lives on


Posted at Sep 24 2020 02:35 AM | Updated as of Sep 24 2020 08:33 AM

GUAGUA, Pampanga - A unique traditional Christmas delicacy in Pampanga lives on, now with more flavors.

Pampanga is referred to as the culinary capital of the Philippines, producing some of the best and well-known cuisine in the country, as well as unique but incomparable traditional delicacies especially during Christmas season. 

At the top of the list is bibingka, followed by puto bumbong and the Filipino style crepe, patcu. 

Patcus is a sweet soft crepe rolled with hefty filling of shredded coconut wrapped in banana leaves. 

The crepe is made from glutinous rice (galapong) with lime (dayap) and eggs and cooked in pans or clay pots with banana leaves like bibingka. 

The word "patcu" came from the word "pascu" or "Pasko", the Filipino term for Christmas.

In Pampanga, patcu is made in the towns of Sta. Rita and Guagua. In recent years, new flavors like buko pandan and ube quezo were introduced.

- report from Gracie Rutao