After Darna, can fans expect more Funko Pop Philippine exclusives?

Rick Olivares

Posted at Aug 11 2019 01:21 AM | Updated as of Aug 11 2019 02:27 PM

After Darna, can fans expect more Funko Pop Philippine exclusives? 1
The Darna Funko Pop, the latest Filipino-themed vinyl product featuring the superhero, is selling like crazy. Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News

Just when you think it couldn’t get any hotter after the best-selling Jollibee Funko Pop, the latest Filipino themed vinyl product featuring fictional superhero, Darna, is selling like crazy.

And the superhero, created by the late comic book writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo in 1950, has added to a cool and already impressive line of local characters including the best-selling and popular Manny Pacquiao Pop (available as a boxer or basketball player), Aswang, Siokoy, White Lady, and Jollibee (two versions, including the original mascot and one in a barong Tagalog).

A similar line of vinyl toys on legendary Filipino band, the Eraserheads, designed by Korean wunderkind Coolrain Lee for local toy shop, Secret Fresh, are considered collector’s items.

Under the heading, Ravelo Komiks Universe, Darna, listed as No. 23 in Funko Pop Comics, has been a certified best-seller at Big Boys Toy Store, the exclusive seller of the Darna Pop, with its branches in Shoppesville Greenhills, Fisher Mall and Century Mall. 

Since 2011, Funko Pops have taken pop-culture fans by storm with its impressive, creative, and eye-candy line of vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. 

Big Boys co-owner Sean Madrazo shed some light on the development of the Darna Funko Pop. 

“Big Boys has been pushing for more Filipino characters to be developed. We have been trying to get iconic Philippine characters designed to make Funko Pops more relatable to the Philippine market,” Madrazo said.

Shared pop culture fan J.A. Lukban: “I think the Darna Funko Pop is historic because we are getting recognized as a toy-collecting country. It adds to one of the vehicles that opens our rich culture to the rest of the world. We recently had Wave as a highly-publicized Filipino Marvel superhero who is also now in a game. Then there is Trese being developed into a Netflix series. It is a very interesting time to be a pop culture fan.”

Revealed Madrazo: “Twice in the last several years, we tried to acquire the rights to the Pugad Baboy characters, but they are just too expensive. It isn’t easy as it sounds. We need to consider that we need to sell enough to make the minimum order quantity. Darna, because of all the local comic book characters, is the most well-known.”

The Darna Funko Pop fetches for P800, a bit higher than the regular toys, but it has not deterred fans from purchasing them.

After the Darna Funko Pop, Madrazo hinted at another Philippine exclusive in the works. He declined to mentioned what it is merely teasing, “Watch out for it soon.’