4 highlighting tips from Liza Soberano's makeup artist

Red Dimaandal, Metro Magazine

Posted at Jul 28 2017 11:56 AM | Updated as of Jul 28 2017 05:16 PM

The reasons to love highlighters are endless. Not only do they brighten up dull skin, but they subtly contour your face, too.

Sure, a good concealer can hide a multitude of unwanted blemishes, but highlighters use reflective properties to distract the eyes away from flaws. When well-executed, it lends an effect that’s much like having your own personal lighting team.

From cream, liquid to powder—there are so many varieties of glow-givers just waiting to brush up your cheekbones. And if you’re new to this, here are some important tips and tricks to pick up so you can unleash your inner Liza Soberano.

Her go-to makeup artist, Mickey See, shows us the way.

1. Don’t put too much foundation or powder before applying highlighter.

You want your foundation and highlighter to blend well together. The goal is to make your skin still look luminous, not cakey.

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2. You can use eyeshadow or bronzer with shimmer to create the same effect.

There are many options for highlighters, each with its own advantage and effect. So long as you’re not being too heavy-handed about it, or adding too much glitter, you can
achieve that effortless glow.

Beauty Inspo: Elisse Joson looks even more glowing with all the light hitting her face. Is she an angel?


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3. Use a flat brush or a fan brush to apply highlighter.

Also, be mindful of where you place the product. Think of where light usually hits your face: Your brow bone, the corners of your eyes, your nose bridge, the area above your cheekbones, the middle area above your upper lip, and a little on your chin.

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4. Choose your shade wisely!

Morena women should go for golden, bronze-y tones, while mestiza or fair-skinned ladies should opt for white, beige, or even pink!

Beauty Inspo: Neutral, brown tones on the eyes and lips mean your skin can take center stage, a la Kelsey Merritt.


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