Inspired by Catriona Gray's 'lava' gown, this beaded face mask is worth P25,000


Posted at Jul 06 2020 04:57 PM

Mak Tumang's "lava luxe" face mask is inspired by Catriona Gray's Miss Universe 2018 gown, which he also designed. Photos from @catriona_gray and @maktumang on Instagram

MANILA -- The designer behind Catriona Gray's iconic "lava" gown has released a face mask line, including a fully beaded one that costs a whopping P25,000.

Over the weekend, Mak Tumang said he is accepting pre-orders for his "lava" face masks which he described as "washable," "breathable," and "water-repellent."

He said each mask is made of a neocrepe cover, a non-woven filter, and a cotton lining, and is available in sizes small to large.


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Prices start at P1,500 for a set of four "lava" masks in a paper bag, with customers having the option get the items in a "signature box" for an additional P500.

One "lava luxe" mask, which is fully beaded to resemble Gray's winning gown in Miss Universe 2018, costs P25,000.

Tumang's "lava" collection is the latest in a fad of turning face masks fashionable amid the "new normal" of wearing protective gear due to the coronavirus pandemic.