Heart ready for new role as first lady of Sorsogon

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Jun 24 2019 05:53 AM


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MANILA -- Since she tied the knot with former Senator Chiz Escudero in 2015, actress Heart Evangelista had to wear another hat as a politician’s wife. Now that Escudero is about to assume office as governor of Sorsogon, Evangelista will even add another feather to her cap as the “First Lady” of Sorsogon.

“That’s what they call me (now),” Evangelista smilingly said at the recent launch of her latest endorsement, Thiocell Gluthathione Lozenges. Between being a senator’s wife and being first lady of Sorsogon, as her husband is set to assume office by July 1, Evangelista said it is the latter that puts a lot more pressure on her.

“I should put a lot of schedule in one day, so I can have free days,” she said. “My goal is to at least go to Sorsogon if not once a week, every two weeks or twice a month. When Chiz was elected governor, it’s life-changing (for us). It’s really an intimate relationship with the people. But I enjoy it. It’s just a matter of balancing my schedule.”

The 34-year-old actress is glad because the people of Sorsogon appreciate that she’s working. “It’s also good that I don’t lose my identity,” Evangelista asserted. “I work hard for what I have. So it all works out. The relationship is really more personal and I really like it.

“I’m a people person. I like going to places and meeting different people. It’s can be tiring but it excites me. In a way, it kind of cleanses your soul. I really enjoy it.”

Heart ready for new role as first lady of Sorsogon 1
Heart Evangelista at the launch of her latest endorsement Thiocell Gluthathione Lozenges. Photo provided by author

With so many good things happening in her life lately, Evangelista insists she is not in a hurry to get pregnant again. She had a miscarriage last year, so she is not rushing things.

“To be honest, I was very traumatized with what happened,” Evangelista said. “I’m really not in a rush now to get pregnant. I’m a planner with my life. I really plan things carefully. It was the first time that I was tested by God that not everything is according to what we want.”

When she lost the baby, Evangelista was understandably sad. “When that happened, mysteriously, it was just such a shock,” she admitted. “Now, so many good things are happening. So my husband and I decided that it’s important we really have to embrace what is now.

“So I’m going to really focus on what I need to do this year, especially since I signed a few things and it’s really impossible for me to get pregnant while I do certain things.

“Maybe, without any pressure, if it happens by next year, then it happens. If it doesn’t, I have nothing to complain about. I’m very happy and I’m very content. I have two kids at home and I’m very hands-on. Whatever God gives, I don’t want to question. I’m very content. If He will give the baby, He will give it in His own perfect time and it will be perfect.”

Apart from being an actress and a politician’s wife, Evangelista is also a proud stepmom to Escudero’s twins. Then, too, she is an accomplished painter and she is preparing for her next one-woman show set in 2020. In the past, Evangelista had sold her artworks to a number of prominent personalities.


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The actress is also staunch advocate of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a businesswoman and a globetrotter, with her fashion that takes her across the globe.

Evangelista has just wrapped up filming an international movie in China. She hopes that it will be shown before the end of 2019.