'Trust the process': Alodia Gosiengfiao gives advice to newbie game streamers


Posted at Jun 19 2020 01:10 PM


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MANILA -- Alodia Gosiengfiao recalled her own struggles as a gaming enthusiast as she gave advice to fellow streamers who are starting to feel discouraged from pursuing their passion. 

Sharing a screenshot of her conversation with a newbie game streamer on her Facebook page, Gosiengfiao said her mother destroyed her personal computer when she was young after seeing that she has been playing too much.

Still able to find a way to play, the cosplayer became determined to balance her studies and other hobbies "without expecting anything in return nor anyone to help me."

"Parati ang nasa isip ko, masaya ako sa ginagawa ko, wala akong ginagamit o tinatapakan at may natutulungan ako," Gosiengfiao said.

"What I have now, I never asked for. Dumadating na lang po and I am very grateful for that," she added. "I wish more people would realize that okay may skills, okay 'yung presentable 'yung stream/game, but malaking bagay po 'yung values and pagkatao ng isang tao."

Gosiengfiao went on to tell newbie game streamers to "trust the process" and "always be kind to others."

"Don't be discouraged, it took me 17 years from my first online game," she said. "Good luck po!"

Today, Gosiengfiao is considered one of the most well-known game streamers and cosplayers in the Philippines, with millions of social media followers and numerous endorsement deals under her belt.

Read her message to newcomers in the industry below: