This is the world's most expensive ice cream


Posted at May 31 2023 07:27 AM

One ice cream to rule them all. 

Japanese ice cream brand Cellato has nabbed a Guinness World Records title, by creating the world's most expensive ice cream. 

According to Guinness World Records website, a serving of the delicious flagship treat named Byakuya costs a staggering 873,400 Japanese yen (352,436 in Philippine pesos), "which would also be enough to buy a secondhand car."

The reason for the inflated price is the ingredients, which include rare white truffle grown in Alba, Italy, priced at 2 million Japanese yen (nearly £12,000; $15,192) per kg, Parmigiano Reggiano and sake lees.

Guinness said staff at Cellato who participated in the tasting session described the ice cream as "rich in taste and texture."

Cellato, however, is not yet finished even after the world record. The brand is planning to release products with other combinations of the finest ingredients, such as Champagne and caviar.