After 7 years, Wrong Ramen is saying goodbye


Posted at May 27 2019 03:46 PM


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MANILA – Wrong Ramen, the restaurant that rose to fame for its “inauthentic” take on Japanese noodle soup, is closing its doors after seven years.

On its social media accounts, Wrong Ramen said its lone branch at Burgos Circle in Taguig will cease operations on May 30. 

“This week is our last week of operations in Wrong Ramen. We close on the 30th,” the post read.

“We started Wrong Ramen 7 years ago because it was a fun and dumb thing to do. During that period of ramen puberty where we only had to go head-to-head with a literal handful of ramen shops (Ukkokei, Santouka, etc.), we thrived. But today is no longer our world, and that’s super cool (Hats off to Mendokoro!).”

The owners of Wrong Ramen went on to share that they “consider it a miracle that we got this far.”

“We never really thought about living this long, and we feel fabulous in death. So here we are,” the post said.


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Wrong Ramen is known for its quirky additions to the Japanese noodle soup such as Spam, bacon, sausage, and fried egg, to name a few.

It is under Lowbrow Casual Restaurants, which carries other familiar concepts like the fried chicken joints Bad Bird and Fowlbread, as well as the food hall Hole in the Wall.