New travel website caters to millennials' wanderlust

Jeeves de Veyra

Posted at May 16 2017 07:08 PM

New travel website caters to millennials' wanderlust 1
KKday regional director and co-founder Jim Chang with Nick Ni, director of the economic division from the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office. Photo by author

MANILA -- Taiwanese travel website KKday was officially launched in the Philippines to help millennials looking for convenience and variety while satisfying their wanderlust.

At the recent launch event, KKday co-founder and regional directo0r Jim Chang noted that travelers today demand more freedom and less structure. 

KKday addresses this need by giving tourists control over their activities by linking them directly to tour suppliers of over 5,000 activities in 170 cities in 50 countries.

For instance, when planning a trip to Taiwan on the website, necessities such as local Wi-Fi routers and airport transfers can already be booked on the site and ready as soon as tourists arrive in their point of entry. 

From here, classic options include destinations and attractions for first-time travelers like admiring the cityscape of Taipei from the Taipei 101 view deck, or going on a food trip in a Taipei night market. 

New travel website caters to millennials' wanderlust 2

What sets KKday apart from other sites is the ability to recommend exotic options that are off-the-beaten path. An example of this is booking mountain spa two hours from Taipei with transportation and the spa treatments included in the price, or a bus trip to explore the mountainside heritage town of Jiufen with transfers and guides included in the activity cost. 

KKday is available in several languages and has preset currencies. 

Since KKday links the traveler directly to the tour supplier, any adjustment to the schedule can easily be sent to the tour supplier for adjustment.

KKday is banking on several strategic partnerships to get Filipinos travelling to their destinations. It has linked up with AirAsia Philippines as its strategic airline partner with activities in both their domestic and international destinations.

Meanwhile, Nick Ni, director of the economic division from the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office, joined Chang in inviting Filipinos to visit Taiwan. 

Ni is optimistic that there will be huge growth of Filipinos visiting Taiwan due to the upcoming lifting of visa restrictions. Taiwan and the Philippines have also recently significantly increased the number of airline seats from 4,800 to 25,000, which, he said, will result in substantially lower airfares.