Grand Hyatt celebrates Australia with week-long culinary specials

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at May 09 2023 08:44 PM

MANILA -- Just in time for Mother’s Day, Grand Hyatt Manila celebrates Australian produce with a week-long series of events in its various culinary concepts.

Dubbed 'From Surf to Turf: An Australian Culinary Tasting Table," Grand Hyatt’s kitchens led by executive chef Mark Hagan and pastry chef Nicolas Vergnole collaborated with Mulwarra’s chef Mike Tafe and DiGiorgio Wines to bring the culinary sensibilities of the land down under to Grand Hyatt Manila’s Grand Kitchen, Pool House, Penthouse No. 66, and the Peak.

Jeeves de Veyra
Mulwarra chef Mike Tafe. Jeeves de Veyra

“There’s no such thing as Australian cuisine. There’s only an attitude to dining that we have. After World War II, Australia is a melting pot of various nationalities. From a chef’s perspective growing up in Australia, it’s like a bounty. It’s not too tricked out… We like to make the flavors (and) the taste do the talking,” said Mulwarra’s Tafe.


The Grand Hyatt has long had a sustainability initiative, especially in the Grand Kitchen, where things are cooked ala minute and ingredients are used with care and are sustainably sourced.

For Australia Week, it was very logical for the kitchens to showcase alternative cuts of beef — like cheek, tri-tip, oyster blade, veal shin, among others. To those in the know, these meats in the right hands can easily deliver full-flavor and melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

The Grand Kitchen pairs these Mulwarra meats with Australian seafood, and an option for wine from DiGiorgio wines. (We were served the Coonwarra Shiraz, which was smooth and had light notes of vanilla, great with most of the trays.)

Jeeves de Veyra
(Clockwise from top left) Tri Tip, Flank Steak, Aussie Bucco, and Lamb Ribs. Jeeves de Veyra

There are six trays to choose from: Aussie Bucco (veal shin, cold smoked petuna ocean trout), Tongue in Cheek (beef cheeks, beef tongue, spencer gulf ceviche), Flank Steak (black angus flank steak, petuna ocean trout gravlax), Lamb Ribs (bbq lamb ribs, seared Tasmanian salmon), Beef Tri Tip (char-grilled tri tip, hot smoked petuna ocean trout), and Oyster Blade (black angus oyster blade, Tasmanian salmon confit).

Jeeves de Veyra
Tongue in Cheek tray. Jeeves de Veyra

This author was quite partial to Tongue in Cheek, a quite literal take to the idiom with beef tongue stuffed into beef cheek and braised until tender. A bite was glorious, and a knife was superfluous. It was juicy and rich especially draped with its accompanying braising jus, and surf part of the tray—the ceviche was the perfect counterpoint with its acidity and freshness.

Meatpie lovers won’t find fault with the Aussie Bucco, while those leaning towards Asian flavors will enjoy the masala Lamb Ribs, and the peppery Beef Tri Tip. (The radish cake in the tri trip tray was one of this author’s favorite bites, filled with nuts, shrimp, and sausage.)

Can’t decide among the sjx trays? Add P500 and get a selection of dishes from the trays.

Jeeves de Veyra
Passionfruit Pavlova. Jeeves de Veyra

For dessert, choose between three specials – a Passionfruit Pavlova, a Basque cheesecake, and a Jaffa and Chocolate parfait.

This author was partial to the Pavlova, which balanced sweet and tart and was especially good after eating beef. If you’ve never had a Jaffa biscuit (cakes), this dessert would be a great introduction – luscious chocolate mousse with chocolate discs, topped with a crispy biscuit and dried orange rinds.

Available for lunch and dinner until May 13, each tray is priced P1,950+, with an option for a tasting platter by adding P500 and add on rates for wine.


Australians know how to barbie! Experience it pool side on May 13 at the Grand Hyatt with a selection of meats and seafood, including Marrunga marble lamb ribs, lamb rump, lamp sausages, beef can roast chicken, Southwest octopus, hot smoked Tasmanian salmon, and grilled tiger prawns in lemon butter.

The barbecue dinner is priced at P3,200 per person.


Experience dining at the 66th floor with killer views and fine cuisine and wine. This one-night only affair will be on May 12.

It will feature wines from DiGiorgio collection and a five-course dinner with dishes like the Glacier 51 toothfish in curry leaf butter and black pepper, a slow-cooked Mulwarra prime lamb dish, among others. This meal comes at P5,500 net per person.

Whether you’re there to drink, dine or both, The Peak invites you to order the Grilled Wagyu Beef Striploin with Garlic Confit from Australia’s Security Foods, which uses a prime cut of meat from the Karoge Washu-bread and Tajima Bloodlines variety. This specialty dish will be available only until May 14.