Meet the Olympian boyfriend of Kelsey Merritt


Posted at Apr 01 2019 03:41 PM | Updated as of Apr 01 2019 04:44 PM


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MANILA – Conor Dwyer, the Olympian boyfriend of model Kelsey Merritt, is currently in the Philippines for the first time.

The multi-awarded swimmer from Team USA was one of the celebrities who walked the runway during the Bench fashion show over the weekend.

In a rare opportunity, Dwyer granted a one-on-one with ABS-CBN Lifestyle where he opened up about his relationship Merritt.


According to Dwyer, he is a self-confessed fan of Merritt, who made waves last year for being the first Filipina to be featured in the coveted Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

“Who wouldn’t be a fan of Kelsey?” he gushed. “We’ve been together almost a year now. I have to say [I like] just how sweet and humble she is as a person. She hasn’t changed a bit. I really appreciate and adore how sweet and kind she is.”

Dwyer said he first met Merritt during a vacation in Costa Rica and the rest was history.

“I walked in and I shook right off the bat, nervous to meet her,” he recalled.


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When asked what’s their workout routine together considering they both have sexy bodies, he said: “We do Pilates a lot. She kind of helped introduce me into Pilates. It’s very hard but we like to go to that together.”

“She’s good in the weights room, in Pilates, in yoga but when it comes to running, swimming and biking, she’s more laidback in that,” he added.

But while they are here in the Philippines, workouts may just have to take a backseat for a while since they want to have the best vacation.

“We’ve been saving up for this trip so I’m gonna eat everything that Kels tells me to eat,” he said.

Do they plan to see the beaches too?

“Yes. From Manila, we go to Palawan and then Boracay and then finishing in Siargao. I am a surfer so I think it’s only right that I check it out. Kels and I have been cold for months so we are excited to go to a warm island and her homeland. It’s pretty special,” he said.