'Not permanent': Vicki Belo debunks Botox myths


Posted at Mar 29 2023 01:09 PM

MANILA -- Vicki Belo took to social media on Tuesday to debunk myths about a popular cosmetic procedure.

In an Instagram post, the beauty doctor to the stars talked about Botox, or injections that temporarily relax facial muscles that cause facial lines and other wrinkles.

She made it clear that Botox does not always make a person look "frozen and expressionless," contrary to what many people think.

"If it's done in the right amount in the right place, then you will look very natural, and just fresh and young," she said. 

Belo also pointed out that Botox injections are not permanent, as these only last for a few months.

"Botox gives you permanent results? Not true, Botox results last only 4 to 6 months," she explained.

Belo also busted the myth that the cosmetic procedure is only for people over 40 years old. 

"That's not true because if you want to prevent aging, then Botox should be number one on your list because it stops those lines from becoming permanent," she said. 

Watch Belo's video about Botox below: