Saab Magalona seeks to inspire by being authentic


Posted at Mar 15 2023 08:11 PM | Updated as of Mar 16 2023 10:20 AM

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MANILA -- Sharing her everyday life in her podcast "Wake Up With Jim & Saab," Saab Magalona strives to uplift and spark inspiration through her stories and unfiltered self.

As she shares the ups and downs of her life with husband Jim Baccaro, and children Pancho and Vito, Magalona acknowledges the imperfections of her relationships with her family, and believes that these are part of being authentic.

“I feel like that’s the magic of it, being our authentic selves. ‘Cause we’re not perfect parents, we’re not perfect in our relationship, and it’s showing that it’s okay,” she told ANC's "Dateline Philippines" on Wednesday.

All throughout her journey as a content creator, Magalona has put importance on her relationship with Jim, and the support he was able to provide since her traumatic birth experience in 2018.

“Although we do have our own things which is very important, I think in a relationship, we do really see each other as partners,” she said.

She shared that both of them lean on each other for a lot of things, highlighting what her ninang said at their wedding, “You’re (both) fighting for the same things, right? Because you wouldn’t have chosen each other if you don’t share the same values.”

Recalling her previous blogs before, Magalona describes her content back in 2003 as “cringey.” Yet she does not regret any of it as it led up to who she is today. 

She also said that she aspires to “bring value” in everything she puts out even just to make people laugh or giggle.


Despite this, Magalona said she keeps a big part of her life private, especially when it comes to her relationship with her kids.

“I wouldn’t share anything that would be a cause (of) trouble in our relationship in the future, and I just want to share parts of our lives that are going to help inspire people. That’s always at the top of our heads,” she said.

Magalona also admitted that she felt a lot of grief when she found out that her eldest Pancho is a child with special needs.

“It’s very challenging to have a child with special needs,” she said.

Nevertheless, she was able to overcome this challenge by being honest with her feelings.

“Once I allowed myself to just feel it, and go through the emotions, I wholeheartedly accepted that this is going to be our life, and this is going to be a wonderful one especially for Pancho,” she said.

Magalona also runs a program “Heroes of the Month” in their website,, that allows their followers to donate to families of children with special needs.

When asked about the lessons she learned from her children, she said that she tries to talk to herself the same way she talks to Pancho and Vito. 

“If I’m so gentle and patient with them, maybe I can also share that with myself,” she said. -- With report from Hannahlyn Tomaquin