WATCH: Bretman Rock cooks igado, Pinoy spaghetti for mom on MTV show


Posted at Feb 10 2021 03:54 PM

WATCH: Bretman Rock cooks igado, Pinoy spaghetti for mom on MTV show 1
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MANILA -- YouTube star Bretman Rock celebrates his mother's cooking and his Filipino roots in the first episode of "Following," his reality show on MTV.

At the start of the episode, Bretman described himself as "a proud first-generation immigrant from the Philippines" who has been "living it up in Hawaii for the past 13 years." 

He was seen checking in at a private beach house with two companions -- one his cousin and assistant, the other his friend since childhood -- as he waits for his new home to be built.

Hours later, the beauty vlogger got a surprise visit from his sister, Princess Mae, who brought with her some groceries from their mother.

From there, Bretman thought of inviting their mother to come over for dinner as he attempts to recreate some of her dishes.

"My mom is the best cook in the world. Honestly, I cannot eat other Filipino food that is not my mom's," he said, adding that he wants to prove that he's already a grownup and that his mother does not have to cook for him anymore.

As to what he is going to prepare, he said: "Some igado realness. And I want to try to do her spaghetti."

With help from his cousin Keiffer, Bretman was able to finish cooking igado (a dish composed of pork and liver) and Filipino-style spaghetti despite not having any experience in the kitchen.

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And while the YouTube star's spaghetti got the thumbs-up from his mother, his igado only received a "30%" score from her.

"This is not good," his mother said of the igado, adding, "But the spaghetti is good."

Toward the end of "Following," Bretman's mother turned emotional as they looked back on their family's humble beginnings, particularly the time she worked extra hard at selling vegetables to make ends meet. 

"Mom, the spaghetti was so good it got you emotional," the vlogger said in jest. "I love you, Mom."

"She worked so hard for us, and now we work hard for her," he added, addressing his other companions at the dinner table.

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