For Raymund Marasigan, this locally made guitar is the coolest thing

Rick Olivares

Posted at Jan 26 2018 02:22 PM

Raymund Marasigan and his guitars

If you’re a young kid into music, you dream of playing in a band, recording albums, and performing. When you’re finally in a band, one of those things in your constantly mutating bucket list is getting your own customized and signature instrument.

For Raymund Marasigan, just as much as everything he’s accomplished with the Eraserheads, Sandwich, Pedicab, Gaijin, Squid 9, Basement Lung, and the Assembly Generals, having local guitar company D&D produce an acoustic guitar not only to his specifications but to also produce one much like his brother Don’s guitar -- where he wrote all the E-heads, Sandwich, and Pedicab songs he’s had a hand with -- is the coolest thing.

“I even got rid of my other guitars because this one is just as good if not better than what I had before.”

“This one” D&D guitar is called “The Candelaria.”

“It is my way of paying tribute to my hometown in Quezon,” affirmed Marasigan. “Growing up there, I discovered music, learned to play different instruments, and played in my first band. When I discovered new wave, I asked the older kids – Basement Lung’s Choy Gerra and Menel Emralino – to teach me how to play those songs on a guitar. It was in Candelaria where my musical dreams first took flight.”

Added Daren Lim, general manager for D&D Guitars: “The concept (for the Candelaria) was born out of making the Sandwich guitars. Since we already finished designing the electric guitars, Raymund wanted an acoustic so we made one. The design is basically inspired by the D&D Django model with a redesigned headstock and no cutaway since he wanted something basic. The guitar is also littered with writings about his hometown of Candelaria. It uses a Fishman pre-amp, but there is also no pre-amp version for those who just want to jam.”

“The main reason why we chose Raymund and Sandwich is I am a fan too,” Lim said. “I like to work with people that inspire me. I feel this is crucial to making a product that inspires people as well.”

“I chose the Django model because I like its sound,” explained Marasigan. “I asked Daren to use the wood they used for the Django. That’s good quality there. I didn’t want a cutaway because all my acoustic guitar heroes like Bob Dylan and Beck do not have a cutaway. They play traditional guitars and I don’t play a lot of lead guitar. I wanted no pick guard so I want it scratched as it ages. You know, for that battle-scarred look. As for the head stock, it is based on the Joan Jett SG guitar that I also have.”

“As you can see, the guitar that I used for writing my early songs has a story to tell,” summed up Marasigan. “And all my songs have stories in them too.”

Just as his brother’s guitar has all that history, Marasigan hopes that with the Candelaria, it will write its own share of hits.