'Noong una kinakabahan din ako': Gretchen Ho talks about eye surgery experience


Posted at Jan 25 2021 02:40 PM


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MANILA -- Gretchen Ho said she feels "so liberated" after undergoing eye surgery, as she now has 20/20 vision from the previous 625/600.

The host and athlete talked about her experience in a lengthy Instagram post over the weekend, saying she has always wanted to have Lasik surgery but it was only now that she found time to do it.

"Had Lasik surgery yesterday with the doctor who operated on my mom's eyes 20 years ago, Dr. Robert Ang. I felt comfortable and confident, having seen the effects on my mom's life 20 years later. She was one of the first batches!" 

"Honestly didn’t plan this out but my mom told me to go to [Asian Eye Institute], at nandiyan pa pala si Doc!" she added.

Ho said she first had to go through testing to see if she was eligible for eye surgery.

"They measure all sorts of details about your eye: thickness of cornea, eye pressure, tear production, etc. All these details go through their tech, and once you've passed the test, these numbers are what the computer uses to adjust your grade in the operation," she said. 

"If you don't pass the exam, there are two other options: PRK & ICL. Google niyo na lang," she added in jest.

Ho admitted that she initially felt nervous, but was relieved that she did not feel any pain during the 30-minute procedure.

"Since a lot are asking how it felt, noong una kinakabahan din ako sa operation, but doc was talking to me all throughout! I saw different lights, felt some pressure lang on my eye, but everything was painless! They used anaesthesia drops that were strong enough for me to not feel anything," she said. 

She went on: "The whole operation lasted 30 minutes. Afterwards, when the anaesthesia wears off, medyo masakit lang ulo, may konting uncomfortability sa mata, pero mawawala din 'pag tinulog mo na. They use bladeless technology kaya until now, I don't feel any pain. So amazed with how advanced the tech now is."

"A day after.. my eyesight is a lot clearer, still a bit hazy as my eyes are still adjusting, but I already feel so liberated."


A post shared by Gretchen Ho (@gretchenho)

Hours later, Ho shared photos of her "stepping into the world with new eyes," with the host seen taking a break with her family in Bataan.

In one of her posts, she said she couldn't go for a swim yet because of her eye surgery, as ordered by her doctor. 

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