Korina Sanchez tells victims of online trolls: 'I'm on your side'


Posted at Jan 19 2022 12:00 PM

MANILA – Korina Sanchez is calling on other victims of online bashing to stand their ground, saying she is willing to help them out, having been a victim herself.

In her recent Instagram post, Sanchez lamented at how some people engage trolls or allow themselves to be trolls just to cast negativity on others.

“Trolls are usually hired and orchestrated by people who don’t have the guts to just confront you and tell you what they think, to your face. Or malaki ang kontrata para manira. Or baka kasi super inggit lang. Or bored sila and unhappy. Or obsessed with a person or an idea,” she said.

Calling them pathetic, Sanchez said it such a shame that they have nothing better to do.

“Imbes na ayusin na lang nila ang sarili nilang buhay. Ang ganda pa naman ng buhay sana. I guess hanggang doon nalang sila? I hope not. I still believe in the good in people. But Ive lived long enough to know some people are just… INSANE,” she said.

The veteran broadcast journalist then vowed to help other victims like her, stressing that she is on their side.

“If you’re a victim of online harassment by paid trolls email me on korina_abs@yahoo.com and I will give you the tips how to put them in their place. There are administrative and legal remedies for this. Ipakulong natin sila. Hiyain muna natin nang todo bago pakulong,” she said.

According to Sanchez, she is already in touch with the Senate about this matter as of writing.

“I'm on your side, being a victim myself. There’s a way. You can start by blocking all those who don't follow you and those who have just followed you. Anyway, let's chat in private. I can also advise you about the legal parameter,” she said.

“Let the devils stay in hell, right? Let’s put them back there. #TulunganTayo #DeathToTrolls God’s on our side on this one.”