Mukha: Panata - A look into the life of a Black Nazarene devotee


Posted at Jan 18 2017 05:34 PM


The traslacion, an annual tradition among Catholics in the Philippines, is celebrated by millions of devotees. Among them is Gener Maglaqui, a wood sculptor of religious images. 

Gener was raised steeped in religious beliefs. Despite this upbringing, however, Gener grew up practicing his faith only out of habit.

His wife’s first pregnancy, however, changed everything for Gener. Since then, Gener decided to become a devotee, joining the annual traslacion and dedicating his own work as his personal worship.

The replica of the Black Nazarene, used during the procession every January 9, is Gener’s proudest sculpture.

But Gener believes it does not have to take only one long day to show a person’s gratitude to God. Gener says his every day is a testament to his devotion – even amid his present struggles at home, what with his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and in the shop, given the tighter competition due to commercialism.

Will Gener’s faith be enough to keep his business afloat and to secure his family’s health?

Watch Gener’s story of faith on Jan. 18, 2017, Wednesday, at 6 p.m. on ANC’s Mukha.