Duterte says 'ENDO' an injustice that must be stopped


Rodrigo Duterte, the front runner in the Philippine presidential race, vowed to stop the practice of "endo" or labor contractualization in the country if he is elected president.

Speaking before the third and final PiliPinas debate, Duterte said the government is spending a lot of money on short-term courses in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) so that people can get jobs as electricians and carpenters.

The problem, he said, is that companies always opt to end the contracts of these laborers so that they need not pay bonuses, including 13th month pay.

Duterte, the current mayor of Davao City, pointed out that "endo" or end-of-contract workers cannot even get jobs abroad because they need at least three years experience to get hired.

He said that if he is elected President, he will call on the House Speaker, Senate President, and majority of congressmen to pass a law to end labor contractualization.

"Contractualization will stop. They have to stop it...It is an injustice committed against the Filipino people. I will not allow that as president of the country," he said.