Pinay maid wins case vs royal employer in UK

By Danny Buenafe, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau Chief

Posted at Dec 02 2010 02:37 PM | Updated as of Dec 03 2010 07:55 PM

Pinay maid wins case vs royal employer in UK 1LONDON – Determination brought justice to a Filipina maid who was unfairly sacked by her big-time employer who is a member of the British Royal family.

The case of Susana Danio of Pangasinan captured headlines in many British newspapers.

Danio was one of 3 Filipina maids unfairly sacked by their big-time employer for alleged rude behavior and numerous cases of theft.

Danio’s former employer is London-born Princess Marie Chantal, heiress daughter of US Duty Free billionaire, Robert Miller.

Chantal is related to the British Royal family through her marriage to Prince Pavlos of Greece.

Danio took her case to court through the employment tribunal, despite the absence of a lawyer.

She admitted having received some legal advice from a British friend.

After months of litigation, Danio won her case, and the court ordered Chantal to pay her 7,500 British pounds, or more than P500,000.

A high school graduate, Danio has no misgivings against her employer, who, she said, was only Pinay maid wins case vs royal employer in UK 2“brainwashed” by her senior staff due to plain jealousy.

For Danio, her royal employer, through her lawyer, eventually admitted in court to being guilty of unfair dismissal.

Chantal owns a chain of children’s fashion boutiques called Marie-Chantal with outlets in London, Paris and New York.

Meanwhile, Danio’s co-worker Celeste Dedala is also hoping to receive a separate pay-check in relation to the illegal dismissal case.