READ: Jennifer's German fiance reacts


Posted at Oct 15 2014 08:36 PM | Updated as of Oct 16 2014 06:57 AM

(Editor's note: Marc Suselbeck, the German boyfriend of transgender Filipino Jennifer Laude, has issued the following statement in reaction to the murder of his girlfriend. It has been lightly edited for clarity, with a portion redacted because it could be considered libelous.)

To whom it may concern:

I want to take words in that case, as I am the "fiance" of Jennifer since two years (as mentioned in your reports), which is not the full truth, as we were engaged since December 2012 officially and with full knowledge and acceptance of her family.

Our plan was always to marry and to start life over together. We started a first try in March 2013 to bring her here for visit and for making the marriage legal too, but it was denied from German embassy at that point, for claiming the same discrimination and prejudices which now most likely caused her death.

Her visa that time was denied for the reason that there was (disbelief) "in her rootedness in the Philippines."

So basically, (because) the embassy suspected her to have illegal and criminal acts in mind, not obeying visa regulations and trying to stay illegal in Europe, also the simple reason in her gender and her being not from a rich family.

That first time gave me the glimpse on the ongoing discrimination in the Philippines on many kind of groups.

Is it based on gender or on the richness? People like Jennifer will never get a fair chance in your country, and she is just one of thousands, maybe millions in your country sharing the same destiny of your countrymen.

We were very positive for another visa application as I was already discussing that issue with German embassy and the appointment for the visa form was set to 16th October. But now it never will happen.

I stand here with my clear name, with my personality, with my job information even to make clear, what your society is doing to persons like Jennifer.

I know her well. We have talked thousands of hours. Since December 2012, I spent nearly 90 days with her in the Philippines. Jennifer (has) been the most true, hopeful, and life-hungry person I ever met in all my life.

She had her childish moments. She was hot tempered. And her feelings (if low or high) were always extreme. But she was authentic.

She was herself, and remained it. Even if her country never supported her in growing and develop as it is the major task for any society and politics, to grant that for their citizens.

She was so much looking for justice. More than once she did risk her own health in standing up for others. She did save her sister's life after she had a bad accident. She was even giving up all her own goods to support her family, and her sister's therapy, her brother's studies.

She was never selfish, and even if she looked and appeared like a beauty queen, she never behaved like that. In simple words she have been the most natural and pure and down to earth person I ever met.

To make it clear: this horrible act has two reasons.

The animalistic bestiality of an obvious sick and retarded bloodthirsty American soldier who has no respect at all from human life as also especially not from Philippine people, but as well in your own society and corrupt politics.

Look at a city like Olongapo. Where is the so well-known hospitality there? Only you will find it in the normal poor people. I have been there (for a long time) so I can say.

But what is the government and the mass of the society? Corrupt to the bone. All you can get (is) in Olongapo and other capitals. All for money. You can get away even with any criminal act if you are a foreigner. It just costs money.

No wonder the monster soldier did think he would get away with it. You show him that every day. Your society does. How should a foreigner respect people like Jennifer if your own society doesn't?

So face your own guilt. And if the death of Jennifer is for one sense. Learn from it. Listen to the gender protests of those who now finally stand up. Open your eyes (to) what is happening around you and make everyone part of your community.

Isn't one slogan: STAND TOGETHER OLONGAPO? Why don't you start with those who you do let stand outside from your society?

Aim high Olongapo? What a joke, regarding what (life) you offer to the majority of your own people.

I will try my best to get there as soon as I can, to pay the honor and respect to Jennifer as the Rose of Olongapo, the honor and respect she simply (deserves) for lifetime but never got from society.

And I will stand with my name for what did happen to her. That was what probably gave her hope to keep on fighting with me hand in hand every day for a better life even when her own country s*** on her. I (stood) with her no matter what, never hid in public or nowhere. And even more now, I will speak for her with my name, with my person. I won't (hide) from anyone or prejudices or discrimination.

I am proud of being engaged to Jennifer -- with probably one lost jewel in your country.

I will also stand with the hopefully rising protest against that ongoing discrimination. You can mention my name everywhere. You can also contact me. I will be open for any interview or anything. I owe her that respect her country never gave her. I stand with her now, in the past, in the future. And the whole world can know that.

One last thing, as I did talk to Jennifer just 2 hours before her death and I definitely know her well. If you can be sure about one thing, she was sure not stealing. That was never her attitude.

And if you use your brain, if you keep in mind the brutality and inhumanity of her murderer, the way he did it. That's not stopping a thief.

Could you maybe try to think if Jennifer was pure and only victim from the first moment on? Maybe even already the moment they did went into the room? You can probably ask all Olongapo.

Jennifer wasn't a prostitute. Maybe she did offer that guy kind of service, but maybe not enough for him? You ever thought that? Wouldn't that fit much better to the way he murdered her? As an animal who cant accept a "No"? From such an unworthy person like a ladyboy even?

As I said, I hope you will contact me (because) it's my will to fight for Jennifer's respect and rights because she deserved it so much more then much of your corrupt politicians.

Thanks for listening.