Filipino digital artist holds solo exhibit in London

By Patrick Camara Ropeta, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Jun 11 2013 09:23 AM | Updated as of Jun 12 2013 09:12 PM

A guest checks the artwork at the opening of Digital Abstraction.

LONDON - A seasoned Filipino painter demonstrated his new passion for digital arts at his debut solo exhibition in the UK, moving his art practice from brush strokes to mouse clicks.

Artist Antonio Gorordo showcased his latest artworks at "Digital Abstraction" - an exhibit featuring over a dozen of his digital paintings created with a computer and editing software between 2010 and 2012.

The show, which opened on June 4, was inaugurated by Philippine Ambassador to Britain Enrique Manalo.

“I’m really happy about the show, and it’s even more amazing because it’s in London,” Gorordo told ABS-CBN Europe at the opening event.

Even the signature in Antonio Gorordo's digital paintings have been made using computer technology.

Gorordo moved to England in October 2012 with his wife, a diplomatic staff who was recently posted at the Philippine Embassy in London. A trained civil engineer, he started painting as a hobby in 1982, which he developed more formally over the years. His style has been described as abstract or lyrical painting, particularly among his followers on social media platforms.

“They say on Facebook that my work is abstract or lyrical, but I don’t really know what they mean. For me, I do whatever I feel like. I do whatever I feel, whatever comes into my mind,” he explained.

The 55-year-old artist, who previously exhibited in Jordan and Croatia, used traditional painting tools and techniques for several years, primarily with acrylic, oil, and watercolor on canvas or paper. He cites Filipino artists like Ang Kiukok and Jose Joya as personal inspirations.

In 2010, however, he discovered the art of digital painting while looking for alternative ways to paint on account of his child's health.

“When I was doing traditional painting, my child used to get ill a lot because of the smell of paint. So I started to think of other ways to still create new artwork without using harmful paint. That’s when I discovered digital painting,” he recalled.

Artist Antonio Gorordo (L) with Philippine Ambassador to the UK Enrique Manalo at the launch of his solo exhibit.

Gorordo creates his pieces using Adobe Photoshop, a popular photo-editing software. Each of his digital paintings take approximately four to seven days to complete, painstakingly drawing every layer and color using a mouse for several hours at a time.

He believes digital art is the new creative frontier offering limitless possibilities and accessibility. He encourages artists and art lovers to embrace new technologies in making art.

“This is the new thing. It’s more exciting to create things than using traditional tools alone. You can make so many more things with digital art. And when you make a mistake, you can just delete - or use it as a background,” he said.