Boss K's Web: Espinosa names police protectors, drug sources

Trishia Billones, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 24 2016 02:29 PM | Updated as of Nov 24 2016 02:45 PM

Boss K's Web: Espinosa names police protectors, drug sources 1
Kerwin Espinosa, who according to police is a drug lord, gestures during a joint hearing session of the committee on public order and dangerous drugs and the committee on justice and human rights, at Senate headquarters in Pasay City on Wednesday. Romeo Ranoco, Reuters

Self-confessed drug lord Kerwin Espinosa revealed Wednesday the names of people, including police officers and suppliers, who have allegedly been instrumental in the illegal drug trade in Eastern Visayas.

Espinosa, also known as "Boss K" in the underground trade, in the told senators he has been dealing drugs since 2004, starting with selling three sachets of 0.8 grams of shabu, then 15. Eventually, he would get 4.9 grams of shabu worth P7,000, repacked into 11 to 12 0.7-gram sachets sold at P700 to P900 each.

His business grew steadily until 2005 when he was arrested.

"Nahuli ako ng Cebu Intel ang Investigation Branch or CIIB ng Cebu City Office ni Supt. Marvin Sanchez, na noon ay under ni Police Supt. George Ilanan. Doon po sa Hipodromo ako nahuli," he said.

Espinosa said arresting officers did not catch him in possession of any shabu because he was able to throw it into a nearby canal, but the police officers planted two packs of shabu weighing roughly 4.9 grams (colloquially called "bulto") in his person.

He was later detained in Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center (BBRC) in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City.

There, he said, he met Dodong Velandres, Crisostomo Llagonos (alias Tata Negro), Carlos Dy, Alias Ricking, and Jeffrey Diaz (alias Jaguar). "Sila ay mga nakakulong din doon at mga negosyante ng shabu sa loob ng BBRC," he said.

(They are detained there and are selling shabu inside BBRC.)

Here, he said, he learned how to deal drugs from inside detention, with clients outside, with the help of a cellphone.

LOVELY ADAM IMPAL - Espinosa revealed that Diaz and the others source their shabu from a certain Lovely Adam Impal.

"Noong nasa BBRC ako, nasa BBRC kami, naririnig ko na nagta-transaksyon sa cellphone at sinabi rin sa akin ni Jaguar na si Lovely Adam Impal ang supplier niya," he said.

He added Impal is also the supplier of Eugene Alegre, Dodong Velendres, Crisostomo Llagonos (Tata Negro), Carlos Dy, an alias Ricking, Jerome Estrada, Charlie Parba, Ryan Tumulak, and an Enrico Caca.

Impal is a native of Cagayan De Oro but she also owns properties in Iligan City, Bukidnon province, said Espinosa.

Although he does not have a photo of Impal, Espinosa said a photo of her is readily available in the Regional Trial Court 58 in Cebu because she has drug cases there.

JEFFREY 'JAGUAR' DIAZ - Espinosa said Diaz was one of Cebu's top drug lords.

He said he sourced his drug supply from Diaz after he was sentenced to life imprisonment and transferred to the Cebu City Jail.

Diaz was killed in a police operation in Las Piñas in June this year.

RYAN DIAZ - Espinosa said after he distributes the consigned drugs from Impal and Diaz to his cohorts, and the drugs turn to money, he would deposit his payment to Impal's bank account and remit it to Diaz's home.

Diaz's brother, Ryan, would receive the payment, said Espinosa.

MELVIN GERPACIO - Espinosa claimed he had raised P1.5-million from the illegal drug trade while inside the Bilibid, which were kept by his aide outside detention, Melvin Gerpacio.


Boss K's Web: Espinosa names police protectors, drug sources 2
Suspected big-time drug lord Rolan “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. is seen during the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs hearing held at the Senate in Pasay City, Metro Manila on 23 November 2016. The committee is investigating the killing of Kerwin’s father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa last November 5. Cesar Tomambo/PRIB/NPPA Images


Espinosa said they were later transferred to the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. He was joined by Jeffrey Diaz, Caja, Paco Larrañaga and Jusman Aznar.

Here, he said, he was wooed by Hubert Webb and an alias Marcos to join their group, Sputnik, after he gained notoriety as one of the top drug dealers in Eastern Visayas.

Meanwhile, crime lords Peter Co, Boss Hanz, Eugene Chua, Tony Co, and a former police official Durano also approached him and asked that he join their narcotics business.

PETER CO - Among the aforementioned, Espinosa said Peter Co was his first supplier.

"Nagsimula ang transaksyon namin sa mga Chinese at pinag-agawan nila ako. Ang una na nagsimula na nag-supply sa akin ng shabu ay si Peter Co... 'Yung una niyang ibinigay sa akin, o pinapa-consign niya sa akin, ay apat na kilo ng shabu hanggang umabot na ito ng sampung kilo ng shabu," he said.

Espinosa said their cohorts would meet in the parking lot of Metropolitan Hospital in Binondo, Manila to transact, and he would deposit the money to Co's bank account in Banco de Oro, with the name "Hog and Poultry Supply."

He said their drug distribution covers only Region 8—Tacloban City; Ormoc City; Baybay City; Hilongos, Leyte and the third district ng Leyte; Canangga; Naval, Biliran; and Maasin City, Leyte.

PETER LIM - While in Muntinlupa, Espinosa said he would still source his shabu from Impal and Diaz, who in turn get their supply from Lim.

He recalled Diaz once told him while they were still in BBRC that the shabu they are getting is from Lim. He said Diaz also told him after a phone call that Lim is their new boss.

NELSON PEPITO, JR. (AKA JUN PEPITO) - Espinosa identified Pepito, an Albuera barangay councilor, as one of his men who would transport the drugs from Matnog to Ormoc. He also named Marcelo Labay Adorco as the other cohort.

Espinosa revealed that they would hide the shabu in the spare tire of the vehicle they would use, or hide it inside towels or luggage. He said he picked up this style of hiding drugs from Impal.

Upon their arrival at Albuera, they would distribute a kilogram or two of the drugs among their drug pushers.

He also named the following as having received drugs from him: Mario Tabadumaguit (deceased), Simba Limbona, Maba Limbona, Tatay Elliot Mascariñas, Fernando Balagbis (alias Intoy, who lives in Baybay), Tonepet Zaldivar, Galo Legaspi, and an alias Kapre.



Espinosa said he was released from prison around 2009 or 2010 and he changed his life for a while, lying low for his family.

He said that around that time, the situation in Cebu was messy because his competitor tried to have his cohorts arrested or asking them to switch drug networks.

He then transferred to Leyte in 2011, where he started with 300g to 500g of narcotics, still from Diaz and Impal.

Around this time, he said, he was shot in a hotel in an operation by the regional police.

"Nabulabog ang negosyo ng droga na pinapatakbo ng ibang players kasi pumasok ako," he said.

SOCRATES DATAHAN - Espinosa named Datahan, a retired police official from R2, as a drug pusher.

He recalled, an alias Tatang, who shot him in the hotel, is under Datahan.

He said charges were filed against him in Ormoc for violation of Section 11 of RA 9165 and illegal possession of firearms after police officials planted evidence in his hotel room.

RAMON BOLONGAITA - Aside from the case in Ormoc, Espinosa said another case was filed against him in Cebu, this time in violation of RA 9165. The case was filed by Bolongaita, who is under Jeffrey Diaz.

He explained he and Diaz had a falling-out after Diaz took his wife, Anna Lou Llaguno (alias Samae).

PSINSP RIO TAN - After he was shot in Ormoc, Espinosa said he got 300g of shabu from Impal to sell. Meanwhile, because of his case, he was detained in Precinct 1 in Ormoc.

While in BJMP in Ormoc, he said he met inmate Weng-wen Rosal from Ormoc. Here, his business began to flourish especially around the area of Police Station 1 because he knew Tan.

Tan was then assigned to Stations One and Three of Ormoc, hence he would be able to give Espinosa information when a raid would be conducted so his men would be able to avoid those areas.

He said he gave P15,000 weekly "SOP" to Tan.

PSUPT. JOSE ESTOPIN - Aside from Tan, Espinosa said he also gave weekly "SOP" worth P15,000 to Estopin, who was then a member of the Intel group in Ormoc.

He also said cops named Villamor and Parak received P5,000 from him weekly.

Around this time, he would trade about 500 grams of shabu within 40 days, and when late 2011 rolled, he said it reached about a kilogram of shabu in 40 days.

SEAN BEN "CIANBEAN" QUINTANA - A drug distributor in Tacloban, Espinosa said Quintana died due to a heart attack this year.

P/CINSP. WILFREDO ABORDO, DENNIS TORREFIEL - Espinosa named Abordo and Torrefiel as two cops who received drugs from him.

He added they would "exchange" (palitan) drugs.

"Kapag naubos ang supply ng shabu ng pulis at mayroon ako, binibigyan ko sila. Kung ako naman ang naubusan, sila naman ang nagbibigay sa akin ng shabu kung mayroon sila," he said.

He noted the two would sometimes shortchange him when he supplied the drugs but would demand full price when he orders shabu from them.

He added he would give weekly "SOP" to the cops to not have him arrested. The SOP, he said, is separate from their drug transactions.

He also revealed he had been giving policemen "SOP" or protection money since 2011.

Espinosa later revealed that P10,000 was given to Torrifiel. He said the officer, who is part of CIDG, would tip him off about the schedule of anti-drug operations.

"MAJOR ABORDO" - Espinosa said he gave Major Abordo a weekly "SOP" of P12,000 during the early days. This rose to P80,000 monthly when Abordo became part of the Regional Special Operations Group (RSOG) in Eastern Visayas in 2014.

He revealed he would give the money through Quintana or a certain Reggie Goljoran when Alborada was in Ormoc.

Abordo's car, according to Espinosa, is a Dark Green Toyota Fortuner, with plate number ABA-6123, registered to Abordo's girlfriend, Baisay Custodio.

The car eventually was turned over to him after Abordo owed him P380,000. He recalled Abordo told him that he (Abordo) lost in a cockfight.

The car, he said, is now with Jovie Espenido.

GEN. VICENTE LOOT - Espinosa said Diaz had told him that Loot, then deputy of the Eastern Visayas police, had his eyes on him. To ease this, he was told, someone would call him to facilitate the handing of money to Loot.

P/CINSP. LEO LARAGA - Espinosa revealed he then received a call from Laraga who told him he needs to give "SOP" to Loot to avoid problems.

He claimed giving P120,000 monthly for Loot via Laraga through his bagman, Guljoran. He said he never met Loot during their entire period of transaction.

SUPT. SANTI NOEL MATIRA - In 2012, Espinosa said Abordo introduced him to Matira. He said he gave Matira P15,000 in protection money every week, which was upped to P25,000 as his area in Leyte also grew.

PSINSP CHUA - He also tagged a cop surnamed Chua as to receiving P15,000 from him weekly.

RAMON JHUNIE DELA CERNA - According to Espinosa, Dela Cerna ran for mayor in 2013 against Sixto Dela Victoria. He claimed Dela Cerna told him Dela Victoria did not have sufficient funds and was not well-liked by the people.

Dela Cerna then asked P1 million from him, with a promise that when elected, he would be protected.

After winning, Espinosa said Dela Cerna asked P150,000 from him monthly (pang-kape) and told him there would be no problem in whatever business he wants to put up because he has his back.

However, after roughly a year and three months, they also had a falling-out after news reached Dela Cerna that Espinosa would be running for mayor. It was actually his father, Rolando Espinosa, who was going to run.

AMANO PUTAWAN - Espinosa named Putawan, a Muslim based in Marawi, Cagayan de Oro, and Iligan, as having received check payments from him.

He said all the cops who received "SOP" from him wanted cold cash, and he only issued checks to Putawan, "Hog and Poultry Supply," Eugence Chua (a BDO account), Blue Oceanic Textile Marketing, Ronnie Chua (in Cavite), Yiyan Su (in Pasay), and Rogelyn Trading (in Cavite).

These entities, he said, laundered money.

JIRAHAM BANTUAS - Espinosa also named Banutas, alias Jirahan Bantuwas, who had a BDO account, as a shabu supplier from Marawi. He said he deposited P2 million into his account in form of checks.

PSI JABINEZ - Espinosa said Jabinez received P15,000 from him weekly because he is the Albuera Chief of Police.

PSI CAMACHO - Espinosa also claimed giving Camacho P15,000 weekly because he also became the Chief of Police in Albuera.

SPO3 BITUIN - Bituin, said Espinosa, received P8,000 from him weekly because he was the team leader of a checkpoint in Barangay Makabug. By doing that, he said, they were able to pass the checkpoint without incident.

MAGAMAY - According to Espinosa, Magamay is the chief of the checkpoint going in and out of Albuera and would receive P10,000 weekly from him. In turn, they would be told ahead of time not to pass by the checkpoint or if other vehicles would be going in Albuera.

SIR ARAFOL - Espinosa claimed giving Arafol P5,000 weekly for his cockfighting. Arafol, he said, is also part of the RMG in the checkpoints.

CAPT. ANGAY-ANGAY - Angay-angay, said Espinosa, is assigned in CIDG Ormoc. He claimed giving the officer P15,000 in weekly protection money delivered via Palawan Express since 2014.

SIR LUDO - Like Angay-angay, Ludo also received P15,000 weekly from Espinosa, which was personally delivered. Ludo was the chief of Station 3 in Ormoc City.

MACANAS - Espinosa said Estopin introduced Macanas to him. Macanas became the City Director of Ormoc City and would receive P25,000 from Espinosa every Saturday.

Espinosa said when he would have court hearings, authorities would stop his vehicle and search him because of alleged information that he is in possession of firearms and guns. He then asked help from Estopin, who in turn asked for "SOP" until he was relieved from being HPG in Cebu City.

CHIEF SUPT. ASHER DOLINA - Espinosa claims giving Dolina "SOP" since early 2015.

He said Dolina's bagman, Victor Espina, contacted him for Dolina, former Eastern Visayas police regional director.

Espina originally wanted to ask P500,000 from him monthly, but he was able to lower the amount to P300,000 a month.

Espinosa said he would issue checks through Espina, who would deposit it to the BDO account of a woman who would accompany him in depositing the check.

He added he and Espina talked over the phone every time he would make a deposit. The woman would then withdraw the money and bring it to Camp Pitik in Tacloban to give to Dolina.

Apart from the monthly "SOP," Espinosa claimed giving three deposits for Espina: P3-million in February, P2-million a week after, and another P1-million after a week.

The P3-million in the P6-million total of deposits, he said, was an "advance" of the Dolina's "SOP," the P1.75-million was for the purchase of guns in Manila, and the P1.2-million was Espina's agent's fee.

RONNIE DAYAN, LEILA DE LIMA - Espinosa said around the first or second week of August 2015, he received a call from Jovie Espinido, who asked him if he wanted to talk to the driver/security aide of then-Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

After three hours, he received a call from someone who introduced himself as De Lima's driver/bodyguard and was told "Mam Leila" wanted to tell him she needed funds for the 2016 elections.

Espinosa claimed he gave a total of P8-million to De Lima through this security aide, later identified as Ronnie Dayan.