Save our national bird, photos courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Posted at Jun 08 2015 09:44 AM | Updated as of Aug 10 2016 10:23 AM

The Philippine Eagle, one of the largest and most powerful birds of prey, is estimated to be at just 400 in number, after being preyed upon for centuries. Declared the country's national bird in 1995, the bird used to be known as the monkey-eating eagle for its preferred but not exclusive diet. It can be found mostly in Mindanao now, with a few being raised in captivity in the Philippine Eagle Center in Mt. Apo, the country's highest peak.
Measuring 3 to 3.5 feet, the Philippine Eagle outsizes the more popular but smaller American Bald Eagle. It also has one of the largest wingspans in its specie at 6 to 7 feet, the height of the average professional basketball player.
But the biggest threat to the eagle is the encroachment of the human population. The loss of its national habitat due to deforestation is pushing this national symbol to extinction. Wanton disregard of the environment is a ticking time bomb that threatens to annihilate the Philippine Eagle.

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The nape of the Philippine Eagle has long, brown feathers that form a shaggy crest.