'Name recall' vital in election bid, says Pulse Asia president


Posted at Apr 24 2018 09:01 PM

MANILA - "Name recall" or awareness about a personality is vital in securing an election bid, Pulse Asia President Ronald Holmes said Tuesday.

Speaking to ANC, Holmes said that while personalities seeking reelection have a given advantage in the polls given their association to politics, others could snatch a win with the help of public prominence.

"It's really name recall," he said.

"It's the power of television. It's the power of media. And television is, of course, easily accessible. There's universal access to television. You do not have necessarily to get in the news, you can be simply one of those who play a role in an entertainment show," he said.

Holmes cited as examples broadcaster Erwin Tulfo and actor and former Senator Lito Lapid, who both landed in the top 12 of a recent Pulse Asia survey on likely winners if the senatorial elections were held today.

Lapid, according to Holmes, gained more public prominence since his return to acting.

"That again allowed him to get reconnected with the public," Holmes said.

While awareness of a certain individual is important in gaining the support of voters, Holmes noted that this should go beyond the "superficial" type and include knowledge on a person's character and plans if elected. 

"The higher the awareness, the greater the possibility that people will support you, but it doesn't necessarily mean that [once] people are aware of you, they will support you. It also depends on the extent of awareness they have on a person," he said.