RE: CORY AQUINO, Mother of Philippine Democracy

By Melvin Banggollay, reader

Posted at Aug 10 2009 06:35 PM | Updated as of Aug 11 2009 02:35 AM

C-orazon C. Aquino, popularly known as Tita Cory
A symbol of truth and fearless love of country
that with her charm, she inspired the country
to fight for freedom, to restore our lost democracy.

O-n her desire to fight for justice for her Ninoy
She offered herself to be of service to every pinoy
with an antarnish honor, dignity and unselfish ploy
of serving with prudence, truth, justice full of joy..

R-ighteous was her ways with virtues of prayer
She had exemplified with undying faith forever
To the Living God she adored with faithful prayers
and untarnished service to the Filipinos as a mother.

Y-es, she is the mother of Philippine Democracy
That even upon her death, she inspired the country
to continue fighting for real justice and sovereignty
A legacy she nurtured with undying love of country.

A woman of great virtues so worthy for emulation
Blessed yet she remained simple in all occasion,
In all her ways while serving and healing this nation
from all the pains and evils of every administration.

Q-ueen of the Filipinos truly worth dying for
For she loved this nation will all faith and honor
and with unwavering love to serve with valor,
and justice upholding truth and equality for all,

U-nited this nation for a just and noble call
for the name of justice and fairness for all
that even this may cause her death or downfall
She never hesitated to stand for the Filipinos call.

I-ntegrity of this President is beyond compare
for it was sheltered with faith to serve so clear
as she always acted with prudence only to fulfill
her duties to the Filipinos even times may go uphill.

N-o one could ever be like thee in this nation's history
For you will forever be remembered by all humanity
As a mother of the Filipinos who died for democracy
As a leader with undying love for this nation's sovereignty.

O-n this day, we hail your name with all honor and glory
as we fervently pray for your eternal rest with Ninoy's company
along with the saints , angels and the Holy Mother Mary
As you will be blessed by God you have served so faitfully.
Melvin Banggollay
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