Who is Kevin? Vice Ganda explains


Posted at Dec 23 2014 03:02 AM | Updated as of Oct 31 2016 11:39 AM

MANILA - Vice Ganda has explained his relationship with a certain "Kevin" whom his film co-star Bimby Aquino-Yap candidly referred to as the comedian's boyfriend in a live interview on "The Buzz" on Sunday.

During the live episode of "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" on Monday, Vice Ganda said that the Kevin mentioned by Bimby is basketball player Kevin Alas, but clarified that they are not romantically involved.

According to the comedian, Bimby, who is 7 years old, happened to notice Alas' name on his phone. Vice Ganda explained that Alas is one of his male friends included in a chat room on the messaging app WeChat.

Bimby, Vice Ganda added, specifically remembered Alas because they had an exchange of messages. Alas supposedly teased Bimby through online chat that his team beat his father James Yap's in a recent game.

During their joint interview on "The Buzz," Bimby candidly asked Vice Ganda if Kevin is his boyfriend, triggering speculation about the comedian's relationship with Alas.

Alas made headlines in May this year when actress Cristine Reyes, in an interview, was quizzed about his supposed efforts to woo her.

The "Eva Fonda" star, who is expecting a baby with MMA fighter Ali Khatibi, said she became friends with Alas through Vice Ganda.

"Iyon nga 'yung hint," Vice Ganda said. "'Pag nakikita niyong lumalabas kami, pag nakikita niyong gumigimik kasama ko, hindi iyon ang [boyfriend] ko, kasi ang [boyfriend] ko hindi ko nilalabas."

Vice Ganda was previously linked with basketball players Terrence Romeo and RR Garcia, although the comedian has never openly acknowledged a romantic relationship since his showbiz breakthrough in 2009.