Neri Naig, Chito Miranda introduce daughter Pia


Posted at Dec 16 2021 02:01 PM

MANILA – Neri Naig recently took to social media to greet Chito Miranda a happy anniversary.

The former actress’ greeting came with a photo of them along with their two sons Cash and Miguel, and a young girl.

To finally put an end to questions from her followers, Naig commented in her own post and announced that the young girl, whose name is Pia, is their daughter.

“Pia is our daughter. Every child deserves a home and love. Period. Okay na? Gets na 'yan? Grabe ang pagiging tsismosa ng ibang tao. Nahusgahan at nagawan na ng mga kwento,” she said.

Meanwhile, it was Miranda who directly said in his own post that he and Naig are currently in the process of making Pia’s adoption official.

“She will soon be [officially our daughter] as we are in the process of making her ours, officially,” he told one netizen.

In the same post, Miranda said he just loves having his own family, saying he had no idea it would be this much fun.

“Sobrang enjoy lang. Para kang may permanent barkada na kapakanan at kaligayahan lang nila ang priority mo. It makes everything in life so simple,” he said.

Miranda and Naig were married in December 2014. Two years later, they welcomed their first baby, Miguel Alfonso.

Just last October, the couple welcomed their second child, Manuel Alfonso.