'La Luna Sangre' leaps to new TV ratings high as Malia finally transforms


Posted at Dec 07 2017 06:11 PM

Screenshots from the Tuesday episode of 'La Luna Sangre' showing Kathryn Bernardo's Malia transforming into a wolf.

MANILA -- The hit fantaserye "La Luna Sangre" saw its ratings rise to a new high after it aired Malia's much-awaited transformation scene. 

Kantar Media data showed that nearly 40% of the country's total TV audience tuned in to the series' Tuesday episode, which saw Kathryn Bernardo's Malia rush to save Daniel Padilla's Tristan in her stunning white wolf form. 

The 38.5% nationwide figure -- the highest since its premiere last June -- was more than double its rival show that only got 15.3%. It's also good for the second spot in the day's most-watched list, behind only "Ang Probinsyano" (42.5%). 

The episode saw Malia realize her potential as the "chosen one" and transforms into her lobo form to rescue Tristan from Richard Gutierrez's archvillain, Sandrino. 

The following Wednesday episode saw its ratings drop to 35.1%, but the figure was still enough to handily dominate its timeslot.