Jung Hae-in goes ‘dark hero’ in ‘Connect’

MJ Felipe, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 01 2022 01:46 PM

Jung Hae-in in ‘Connect.’ Handout
Jung Hae-in in ‘Connect.’ Handout

SINGAPORE -- Award-winning Korean actor Jung Hae-in takes on an eye-popping character as Ha Dong Soo in the psycho-thriller and suspense series “Connect.”

Based on a webtoon, “Connect” follows the story of a mysterious man played by Hae-in, who was nabbed by organ hunters and had his eye transplanted to the body of a serial killer. 

Now, after the unwanted eye-transplant, he started having visions and gets “connected” to the crimes committed by the killer.

Joining Hae-in are Go Kyung-Pyo playing the role of the psycho-killer Oh Jin Seop and actress Kim hye-jun who plays the mysterious character of Lee Yi Rang.Legendary Japanese director of genre titles Miike Takashi takes on the helm as the director.

Speaking to more than 500 media outlets from the Asia Pacific Region, Hae-in said it was his curiosity to work in CG that attracted him to do the project. He has heard so much about the amount of work actors do as Marvel superheroes in CG, so he wanted to give it a try. 

Character-wise, he said: “When I play the role of Dong Soo, the first I connect was solitude, isolate with the character. He is a good-hearted man but at the same time, this type of character discovers the ability in him and wants to use the ability for good.”

But he doesn’t consider his character as a hero, but more of a dark hero.

“While playing Dung Soo, I didn't think him as a kind of a hero. Dark hero. He’s something that wants to become a hero. He wants to prevent bad things from happening.”

The racial difference between the actors and the director didn’t get in the way. In fact, the actors connected with the passion of Takashi, especially in action scenes. 

“The director had a lot of energy and passion. There were a lot of action scenes, and the director showed me how am I supposed to perform this action,” said Hye-jun. 

Candidly, the director shared that he had to slow down in demonstrating some of the actions scenes after breaking a bone during filming. He didn’t specify which body part he injured but he said he has recovered. 

For Hae-in, “Me and the director were on the same page. We wanted the same goals, so I really felt that we were on the same page and that was fulfilling for me.”

Adding complexity to the action scenes was the eye-patch Hae-in had to wear after his character underwent the eye transplant, which he considered as one of the challenging parts of the project. 

“The eye patch, when I was performing the action scenes, it was a bit uncomfortable. I got dizzy. I cannot calculate what’s in front of me. When I took off my eye patch, it felt even more uncomfortable,” said Hae-in. 

Weeks back, the series premiered at the Busan International Film Festival and has received compliments and great reviews from critics. 

"Connect" will be available via Disney+ starting December 7.