LOOK: Janine Gutierrez spends vacation with both parents for the first time


Posted at Nov 29 2021 03:36 PM

MANILA - Janine Gutierrez thanked both her parents for staying true to their promise of still being a family despite their separation many years ago.

In an Instagram post, Gutierrez shared photos from their family vacation with both Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon.

“First time to be on vacation with both my parents! Mama and papa I love you, thank you,” she wrote.

“Appreciation post/senti moment for one minute pagbigyan but when my parents separated they said we would still be a family and they really lived up to their promise,” she added


A post shared by JANINE (@janinegutierrez)


A post shared by JANINE (@janinegutierrez)

For anyone else going through something like what she experienced, Gutierrez said, “I know it's different for everyone but I hope you know it's not gonna be bad forever. It'll take a while but it gets better.”

She also has a message to parents in the same situation who are worried about their kids.

“They'll understand one day. And they only want you to be happy.”