Instead of gifts, Sharon Cuneta hopes fans would donate to cause-oriented projects


Posted at Nov 18 2023 08:00 PM

MANILA — Instead of giving gifts, veteran actress Sharon Cuneta hopes that fans will donate to cause-oriented projects.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Cuneta said that it would be better to give back to those in need in time for the holiday seasons and her birthday next year.

"Dear Family, Friends, my Sharonians/ Sharmy, I do not expect any gifts from any of you this Christmas and on my birthday on January 6, but knowing you, you are probably already preparing gifts for me or planning to. Please - DO NOT BUY ME ANYTHING," she said.

With her love for pets, Cuneta suggested to give donations to Pawssion Project Foundation.

"I have way too much stuff, we are always blessed with so much food from everyone always. But if you insist like I know lots of you will, and you REALLY want to give me something that I will appreciate and truly treasure, please DONATE instead to @pawssionproject," the veteran actress said.

"You know how much LOVE DOGS OF ANY AND ALL BREEDS, and it just would mean the world to me if you could give to @pawssionproject to help us keep our rescued dogs well-fed and healthy. If you would want me to know that you have donated, you may donate in your name and add 'for Sharon.' But that really won't be necessary," she added. 

"Any amount or anything in kind that you give will be truly appreciated and we will be so grateful to you! THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR THIS CHRISTMAS AND MY BIRTHDAY THAT WOULD REALLY MAKE ME HAPPIEST. Your undying love and support for me are more than enough."

Cuneta stressed how important it is to help others.

"It would really fill my heart though if you give to our dogs instead of any kind of gift to me. I do not need anything more. I need all the help I can get for the animals I love so much these animals who cannot speak for themselves. If you are in Bacolod, even to just spend a day with our dogs and cats would touch my heart to no end, too," she said.

"I also would like to appeal to corporations and organizations and sponsors I have met throughout all these years to please, please help. Thank you so much! I will not be accepting gifts for myself. Please, give to @pawssionproject instead and I will be forever grateful to you! God bless you all! I love you."


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