It's official: BB Gandanghari is legally a woman


Posted at Nov 17 2016 04:07 PM | Updated as of Nov 17 2016 04:24 PM


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MANILA - It's official: BB Gandanghari is a woman.

As of Thursday, Rustom Padilla's legal identity has been changed to Binibini Gandanghari, and her gender formally recognized as female.

A Los Angeles court approved the name and gender change documents, which she filed back in August, Gandanghari revealed on her Instagram account. "This is it! And I thought this day would never come," she wrote.

"And I thank my GOD and my LORD for making these things happen. Everything makes sense now, and to this great country the United States of America for providing this [basic human right]. Thank you!" she added.


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Gandanghari, then Rustom Padilla, first came out of the closet during the celebrity edition of the ABS-CBN reality show "Pinoy Big Brother" in 2006. In one of the most memorable moments of the popular reality TV show, Padilla admitted to fellow housemate Keanna Reeves that he is gay.

Padilla eventually decided to take the name BB Gandanghari and in an interview with "Tapatan ni Tunying" in July 2014, clarified that she is a transgender and not gay.

"When I came out, wala naman akong boyfriend. Wala naman akong karealsyon. So parang sabi ko, what makes me gay? Fast forward to three years after, hindi pala ako gay. Transgender pala ako,” she said at the time.