What Mariel Padilla told ‘fan’ behind disrespectful comment on her pregnancy


Posted at Nov 13 2019 11:21 PM

MANILA—TV host Mariel Padilla did not let pass a comment from a follower, saying it was “sad” that her second child with husband Robin Padilla will also be a girl.

Mariel is currently in the US, where she is expected to give birth within the month. She and Robin has named the baby girl, Gabriela.

Mariel’s firstborn with Robin, Isabella, is turning 3 this week.

“Ay girl ulit. Sad naman,” commented one follower on a recent Instagram post of Mariel showing her baby bump.

Replying directly to the comment, Mariel wrote: “How the hell could another sweet baby girl be sad?”

“It’s not what you think,” the follower said. “Yeah, it’s [an] angel, it’s a blessing. I thought it’s a boy. Calm down, Mariel, I’m a fan of your husband.”

Mariel responded with her initial question, which went unanswered. “So how is it sad?”

At that point, the follower just said: “Nevermind!”

Fans and fellow moms of Mariel similarly replied to the comment, with many of them stressing that either gender is a “blessing” for any parent. Others insisted an apology is in order, as such insensitive comment can be hurtful for an expectant mother.

Mariel has yet to post further regarding the issue.

Mariel, 35, has openly shared her journey of motherhood through her social media accounts, with glimpses of Isabella as well as her preparation for the birth of Gabriela.

The year 2015 was particularly trying for the “It’s Showtime” host, as she revealed having had two miscarriages.