JM asks: Are you going to send me to rehab again?


Posted at Nov 12 2015 09:49 PM


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MANILA - Amid several controversies regarding both his personal and professional life, actor JM de Guzman worried his fans when he posted on Thursday a series of cryptic messages on Instagram.

In one particular post, the 27-year-old De Guzman, who shaved his head days after former girlfriend Jessy Mendiola confirmed their split, even appeared to dare his father, Ronniel de Guzman: "Are you going to send me to rehab again?"

The younger De Gumzan entered a drug rehabilitation center back in 2014. He also confirmed that it was the reason behind his year-long absence from showbiz.

In another post, the actor hit back at his critics. "Pag masaya ako nakakalungkot. Pag tahimik may problema. Pag malungkot naka droga. Guys ...eto ako. Live with it. But comment whatever you want. I'll still be at your service," he wrote.


A photo posted by Jm De guzman (@1migueldeguzman) on

De Guzman also asked for respect and support from his fans as he continues his recovery.

He said: "17 months in rehab. 6 months I've been running the program. Hear our story, respect our journey. We can be also a big help in our society if you just let us and free us from the the undeniable stigma that literally chokes us every day."

"Some of us risk our lives to answer some questions that might be a big help in the future. Hopefully the kids' path are cleared if we are supported not discriminated. Thanks.We don't promote drugs. We are the drugs. Peace."