'I will see you in court': Marjorie Barretto rebuts Claudine's allegations


Posted at Nov 04 2019 12:21 PM

Claudine Barretto (left) and Marjorie Barretto

MANILA -- Marjorie Barretto has refuted claims that she allegedly tried to physically hurt their mother, Estrella "Inday" Barretto."

Her defense came after her youngest sister Claudine shared a video on Instagram in which Marjorie could be heard saying that she would like to punch a person named "Inday."

Claudine went on to upload a screenshot of her mother's Instagram Story which confirmed that she was "the Inday that Marjorie was referring to after a big fight in the hospital about the Subic home we own."


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Commenting on Claudine's post, Marjorie challenged her youngest sister to "prove this twisted story of yours in court."

"Prove that I have ever tried to physically hurt my mother. And prove this was the argument that my mom and I had about Julia giving P500K in exchange for the Subic home. Prove it. Because it was only when Dad was dead that Julia paid the P500K and so much more than any of us," she told Claudine.

"And how we repeatedly made it clear Julia was not buying the Subic house, long before Dad died. That was clear to all. All siblings knew that," she went on. "You wrote it down in your paper, and you were recording it from your phone without our consent."

Marjorie then slammed Claudine for supposedly "making up this story," saying that the rest of their family "will stand by me as witnesses."

"I will see you in court," she said.

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Claudine has yet to react to Marjorie's remarks about the Subic home. 

She, however, did not take lightly her sister's comments about mental illness.

"Mock me all you want, but not people with mental illness. Don't your children see a psychiatrist?" she said, sharing a screenshot of Marjorie's reminder for her to "take medications." 


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Amid the supposed fight between Marjorie and her mother, they were spotted having lunch together, as seen in the former actress' latest Instagram post.

"Sunday lunch. We miss you today, Dad," she said.


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