Coco Martin says indie film background serves him well in showbiz


Posted at Oct 30 2008 02:54 PM | Updated as of Oct 30 2008 10:54 PM

Indie film favorite Coco Martin said his extensive background in indie films prepared him for a showbiz careerActor Coco Martin said that up to now he is still trying to adjust working for mainstream shows.

Martin who started his career doing independent films said that acting for big time television projects is an experience really far from that of doing indies.

“The work in mainstream is really different. Here, they talk about glamour but in indie we don’t know that. Actually in indie we are more of guerilla style so it’s a really big adjustment for me. Right now, I just realized how it feels to be a celebrity,” Martin told

In the interview, the young actor compared his life before as an indie actor wherein he had to bring all his stuff from makeup to complete wardrobe.

“Even in shootings before I’m bringing my own make-up and I also bring my own set of clothes. I also did crowd directing. Actually, one time they were shocked because I asked them if they know a location like this and they asked me ‘why?’ I said ‘I’m going to do an indie and I’m looking for a location,” Martin recalls.

The actor said that he’s really thankful for his background in indie films--he said that everything he learned there he now uses in his mainstream showbiz career.

“At least for me I really learned a lot from indie – the discipline, the (multi-tasking) yes, sometimes it's as if I almost know everything. I know my character and the other stuff. Sometimes they were surprised cause when I arrived in our location I have with me everything I need for the shoot – the clothes. I just want to avoid delays because I forgot something. Now, they don’t have to tell me what to do or what I need to bring because of the discipline and trainings I had,” Martin explained.
The actor said that part of his adjustment as an actor in mainstream is on how to mingle with his co-stars.

“I’m still shy. I still tend to evade socializing with my co-stars but I’m really happy because they are really nice to me. They are the ones who try to approach me. Though it’s not good to say but I must admit that I still get starstruck with other stars,” Martin said.

Martin said that he is really thankful to ABS-CBN for giving him a break to prove his acting skills and for trusting him by giving him shows like “Ligaw na Bulaklak” and “Tiny Tony.”
Right now, Martin is gearing up for another TV big project and another independent film.

Martin first movie was titled “Masahista.”  He also starred in “Kaleldo,” “Daybreak,” “Serbis,” Tambolista” and was part of the film “Jay.”