‘God is a way-maker’: Coleen and her father are raising babies at the same time


Posted at Oct 29 2020 06:09 PM | Updated as of Oct 29 2020 09:49 PM

MANILA — New mom Coleen Garcia turns out to have not only one, but two bundles of joy in her life, as she shared Thursday that her father, too, recently welcomed his own newborn.


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On Instagram, Garcia shared a photo of her holding the two babies: her sister, and son with husband Billy Crawford.

“My baby sister’s trying to access Amari’s milk stash, and he’s not having it!” Garcia wrote in its caption.

Sharing a testimony of faith, Garcia recalled that during worship in March 2019, “I was in tears after God so clearly told me that my Dad was gonna have another child, and that he was going to be given a new beginning.”

“I felt Him say that things were gonna get crazy — in a good way, ofc. Don’t know how to explain it, but it was so clear, specific, and out of the blue.”

Garcia’s father, Jose Luis Garcia, had been single for 15 years, and recently got re-married. She described him as “the most cynical person when it came to his personal life,” that is, until his recent personal milestones.


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“When I told him about God’s plan for him, he didn’t want to believe or accept it. Months after, he met the woman he ended up marrying, which was already a miracle on its own. Fast forward to today… I guess this is the crazy part,” Garcia wrote.

In her post, Garcia tagged the Instagram account of one Sey Garcia.

Despite being a newborn, Garcia’s sister is technically already an aunt to Amari.

“Never would have imagined that my Dad and I would be raising our babies at the same time!” she said. “But God’s just awesome like that. Way-maker, miracle worker, promise keeper.”