‘I’m Tee, Me Too’ episode 6 recap: Maitee wants to hear some good news

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 26 2020 03:12 PM

Watee (Krist Perawat, left) and Maitee (Singto Prachaya, right) reminisced on their childhood in the sixth episode of I'm Tee, Me Too. Screenshot

Maitee (Singto Prachaya) hopes to get some good news about his mother’s health after some pep talk with the other Tees in the latest episode of “I’m Tee, Me Too,” the newest Thai series to air locally.

In the sixth episode, which aired last Friday, October 23, Maitee rekindled his bond with Watee (Krist Perawat), who finally remembered that they are childhood friends.

In was later on revealed that Maitee lost his father, which is why he is scared of good news.

Watee comforts his childhood friend, saying it would be best if the first good news he hears is about his mom’s recovery.

T-Rex (Gun Atthaphan) also taught Maitee that good news can be followed by more good news.

“You can’t be disappointed every time. You’ll get what you want sometimes. Not all good news is followed by bad news,” T-Rex said in Thai.

Later on, Maitee got a phone call from her aunt about his mother’s condition. He immediately rushed to the hospital and found out that his mom is feeling better now and on her way to another surgery.

Watee also arrived in the hospital and reminisced about their childhood. He also promised Maitee’s mother that they will go the beach after her recovery.

"I’m Tee, Me Too" is available for streaming on iWant and GMM TV's YouTube page.

In the next episode, we will find out how T-Rex and Watee are related. We might also see other Tees leaving the house.