‘President Nadine Lustre’: A hilarious Twitter meme that keeps on giving


Posted at Oct 19 2018 08:02 PM | Updated as of Oct 19 2018 10:24 PM

Some time this year, a “consensus” was somehow reached on Twitter that Nadine Lustre — the multi-hyphenate star — is also the president of the Republic of the Philippines, at least going by a meme that’s recently snowballed on the social media platform.

The latest viral entry to the “President Nadine Lustre” meme, for instance, made the rounds on Friday. A set of photos showing the actress in a stylish, oversized blazer was referred to as her look during a “cabinet meeting,” garnerning some 8,000 likes and hundreds of retweets.

It’s unclear how the meme started, although tweets proclaiming “Nadine Lustre is my president” have been popping up as early as 2016, which saw the last presidential election.

However, it was only recently that the running joke has gone viral, with versions tagging Lustre's boyfriend and co-actor James Reid as the first gentleman.

Others used the meme as a witty commentary on current political issues. One netizen, for example, quipped Lustre should be the only exception of an “artista” being allowed to enter government — a dig on the performance of some celebrities who became politicians.

A number of “JDS” (JaDine Supporters) — a play on the term “DDS” used by some supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte — apparently don’t just consider Lustre the country’s top executive, but a cosmic being.

One netizen also claims to have informed Lustre of the online “consensus” on her presidency, sparking another joke that the actress has taken the responsibility to heart, as evidenced by a photo of her shaking hands with “constituents.”

There were also fans who attached sentimental meaning to the meme, citing Lustre’s campaign to raise awareness about mental health, and her other “inspiring” statements.