How Luis accepted parents' separation at young age


Posted at Oct 19 2015 02:11 AM

MANILA – Luis Manzano does not recall reacting violently when he was told when he was younger that his celebrity parents, Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano, were separating.

Luis told YES! Magazine in its October 2015 that he fully understood why his parents’ relationship had to come to an end at that time.


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“You know with some children, when their parents separate, they tend to go on a crazy path. The tend to be lost for a while—whether it be, you know, in academics or they tend to experiment too much. Ako, when they broke up, I fully understood that if two people can’t be together, why force it? You know, if they try to force the issue, I would pay for it,” he said.

Although he was still young at the time, Luis said he was able to accept that other people might come into their lives.


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True enough, his father had another relationship while his mother got married again with Senator Ralph Recto.

“I welcomed Tito Ralph with open arms,” he said, referring to how he reacted to his mother’s marriage to the politician in 1992.

Despite this, Luis said he is still grateful for his parents because they tried to give him a normal childhood even after their separation.


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In the article, Luis mentioned that he would spend weekdays with Santos and weekends with Manzano. He also shared how his parents would attend school events whenever needed.

Up to now, Luis maintains a good relationship with both Santos and Manzano.