WATCH: Killer bride vs. killer bride in trending scene


Posted at Oct 17 2019 01:42 AM

WATCH: Killer bride vs. killer bride in trending scene 1
Camila (Maja Salvador) encounters another person disguised as the killer bride in the October 16 episode of ‘The Killer Bride.’ ABS-CBN

How many killer brides are there? This was the question among viewers of the primetime series “The Killer Bride,” as two knife-wielding figures in bridal gowns exchanged blows in its Wednesday episode.

The action-packed scene saw Camila (Maja Salvador) knocking unconscious a mysterious man, who, veiled in white, was similarly carrying out a mission.

Camilla disguised herself as the “killer bride” to frighten Ivan (Angelo Patrimonio) into exposing the truth about Juan Felipe (James Blanco).

The other “killer bride” turned out to be a lackey of Juan Felipe, whom the closeted mayor had ordered to sow panic throughout Las Esapadas, by dressing up as the feared figure and running loose on the streets. His goal: to divert the public’s attention from the intrigues hounding him.

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Before his encounter with Camila, Juan Felipe’s henchman got caught in a struggle with Luna’s (Alexa Ilacad) friends and ended up killing one of them, Benjamin (Aldrin Angeles).

The scuffle nearly exposed his face, with Luna, as well as Emma (Janella Salvador), confirming that that killer bride was a man before he got away.

The man couldn’t have been the same killer bride Emma had seen when she was kidnapped and kept captive in a cave, she concluded. At the time, Camila was also shown finding her way to rescue Emma, eliminating her as the killer bride who appeared inside the cave.

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Camila’s own uncertainty as to the identity of that killer bride is ironic, given that Las Espadas’ superstition about the vengeful woman stemmed from tragic events in her life, as seen in the opening week of the series.

Viewers’ own speculation and reactions flooded Twitter Wednesday, making the official hashtag of the episode, #TheKillerBrideBloodshed, the top trending topic on the social media platform that night.