Sharon Cuneta clarifies: 'I’m not just gonna instantly disappear!'


Posted at Oct 13 2020 11:30 AM

MANILA -- Veteran actress-singer Sharon Cuneta took to Instagram to clear speculations that she will be retiring from show business soon.

In an Instagram post on Monday, October 12, Cuneta said her plans of leaving the entertainment industry will not happen anytime soon because of her contracts and other commitments.

"Kids, please don’t be sad! I still have a few promises & contracts to fulfill. Just seeing as, we don't know yet when this pandemic is leaving or when a vaccine is gonna be discovered, I am preparing for my retirement. I am semi-retired as it is!" Cuneta said.

She added: "I planned to retire after I got married to Kiko at 30, but I've always taken my cues from God. I wed in the middle of shooting 'Madrasta' then so many other things followed, so I knew it wasn't time yet. Don't worry about me -- my parents always prepared me for this! And I've been getting ready to retire for another 2 decades," she added.

Despite this, Cuneta told her fans and followers to be ready if her plan to retire finally comes.

"I’m not just gonna instantly disappear! I owe you that much. But please ready yourselves, okay? I love you. God bless you all," Cuneta wrote.

Over the weekend, Cuneta, who has been in showbiz for over 40 years, shocked her fans when she declared she is now on her way to retirement.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Cuneta shared a seemingly tired photo of her where she expressed her exhaustion.

“Kids, it’s almost time. Mama’s tired. I love you,” she wrote across the picture.

Cuneta also edited her Instagram profile and wrote in her bio that she is “retiring soon.”


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This isn't the first time she mentioned about retiring. In September last year, Cuneta also said she was considering "semi-retirement" from showbiz

Dubbed the Megastar, Cuneta revealed her semi-retirement plans following an emotional parting with her daughter, Frankie Pangilinan, who went to New York to pursue her college degree at that time.

Cuneta said she is thinking of no longer being too active in the limelight to take a rest and enjoy her private life.

Cuneta, who started her singing career with the hit song "Mr. DJ", was seen on television as one of the jury members of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" and as a coach in "The Voice Teens" and "The Voice Kids."