Rachelle Ann Go shares in detail how she first met her husband


Posted at Oct 07 2020 01:17 PM

For the first time, Rachelle Ann Go and her husband Martin Spies opened up and shared to their online followers their love story which dates back to January 2017.

In a 20-minute vlog, Go first shared that she first prayed to meet her future husband while she was on a plane to New York for her Broadway stint.

“I took out my journal and started writing down my prayers, my dreams because I’m entering a new season in my life. I needed to ask God for his guidance. I was praying for my Broadway stint. I was really nervous and excited at that time,” she said.

“And then all of a sudden, there was a part of me that wanted to pray for my future husband. I was like, I’m gonna start praying for the husband, which I never did in the past. I would only pray for the person I’m currently dating,” she added.

Go said her prayer was very specific that it seemed impossible.

On the other hand, Spies said he also started to pray for his future wife around the same time of 2017.

“It was January 2017 and my Bible group was getting together… and shared to them that this year, I want to meet someone. I shared that with them and we prayed that night for me to meet my future wife,” he said.

When Go finally got to New York, Go’s aunt, whom she considers her second mom, invited her to a church where Spies apparently goes to as well.

“We were planning to go to church together and she mentioned about this guy. She was like, ‘We have to go. I need to introduce to you to this guy. He’s pogi, he’s Godly.’ I stopped her right there. Sabi ko, ‘Tita, nako I am not interested in meeting anyone because I am only here in New York for eight months.’ There was no point for me in meeting anyone. I said I was gonna focus with my spiritual journey, with the Broadway show,” she said.

Fast forward to Sunday when Go had to go to church alone because her aunt was suddenly not available.

“Nung naglalakad ako, naramdaman ko lang na someone was standing right in the corner. Napatingin ako, nag-palpitate ['yung puso ko], nag-double look ako na slow-mo talaga. Sabi ko, ‘This is the guy I am gonna marry,’” she said.

One week later, Go’s aunt introduced her to Spies and told her that he was the guy that she saw a week ago.

After that first meeting, Spies said he started asking around about Go and he also did some online research about her.

“I was very interested in trying to figure out who you are and really kind of figuring out how I can get to know you more,” he said.

Another week passed and this time, it was their common friend who played cupid.

“We have a common friend. I asked her lang who’s that guy. I met him na but I wanted to know more about him,” Go narrated. “That night, she texted me and she said, ‘Sis, what do you think about me planning like a hangout night with Martin daw.’ Kinabahan ako. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Parang am I ready to meet someone at this point in my life? She said, ‘Let’s just hang out with some other church friends.’ I said okay.”

The night of their scheduled get together came and there was a massive blizzard in New York. Spies, however, said he pushed everyone to go ahead with it because he was hoping Go would show up.

“Shin walked in, I was happy it was her. Because I didn’t know it was her who’s showing up. I was just very excited to get to know you a little bit, your story. I liked that you didn’t drink. That was a nice night,” he said.

The two had their first date the day before Valentine’s in 2017 and that marked the beginning of their friendship.

“I think we really took our time to get to know each other and really build that foundation which is the friendship. I think that’s really important if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,” Go said.

According to the couple, the officially became in a relationship in April.

Watch Go and Spies completely dish out about their love story in the video below.

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